Christmas Pathway Lights Costco, Sylvania RGB 6 Count

Costco sells these Holiday / Christmas Pathway Lights for $41.99. Scroll down for photos. These large pathway lights are awesome! They really add a nice touch to the walkway of your home. In years past you only had the option of selecting color or white. Now hey have the RGB Controller where you can have up to 8 different colors, 2 different speeds & 5 unique effects to choose from. This really gives you flexibility to change up your style each year. These are very easy to setup. All you need is a power source (i.e. extension cord) at the location of the lights. Grab the remote & start fiddling away =). If you need more than 6, you can connect up to 3 sets, giving you a total of 18 lights. Here are a few more details about these Christmas Pathway Lights at Costco…….

  • Brand: Sylvania (6 Count)
  • For Indoor / Outdoor Use
  • Connect up to 3 Sets (18 lights total)
  • 8 Selectable Colors & 5 Unique Effects
  • Remote Control wth Play / Pause Features
  • 10 foot lighted length (~2 feet between each strand)

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Costco Sylvania RGB Pathway Lights (6 Count)

I found these in the middle section of Costco next to all the other Christmas items. I want to say that last years didn’t include all the options of lights and effects like this years. This is a pretty good deal for $41.99 & a great way to light up your pathway during the holiday season. If my wife didn’t mind, I would leave them up all year, because they’re better than are current pathway lights =). does not currently sell these online, so this is an in-store only item. It’s early December but Costco will stop carrying the Christmas items shortly, so get them while you can. If you can’t find these in-store, make sure to check out these other HIGHLY RATED Pathway Lights……

Price: $41.99, Item Number: 1487571

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26 thoughts on “Christmas Pathway Lights Costco, Sylvania RGB 6 Count

  1. My lights stopped worked after about 3-4 weeks. I found that the o ring that’s was supposed to seal the pin connector plug failed. The pins corroded all the way thru. Poor quality. Also as I was pushing the first one in the ground it broke. Had to repair the very first light.

    1. Sorry to hear Sam! You are not the first person to complain about these lights. Did you end up returning them?

  2. For those asking about fixing the Jumbo C9’s…

    You can remove the outer shell with a small crosspoint screwdriver; there are 4 screws (two facing different directions in the clear part, two in the opaque base). It then comes apart easily.

    There are 30 special LEDs in each. They appear to be very similar to those inside the Costco rope lights sold in the Christmas season for the past 3 years. However, the rope lights have been reliable (luckily, since you can’t get to the LEDs to repair them).

    Back to the Jumbo C9s. You can remove the individual LED bulbs in the CD holder much as you would in many regular LED strings – flip up the tab on one side, pull out the bulb, insert a replacement, flip down the tab. You should have received 2 replacement bulbs in the package.

    But it gets a bit more complicated. First, there appear to be two kinds of bulbs (with one replacement of each type), each with a slightly different plastic tongue that going into the socket – so you will replace it only with the right type. The tongues are also supposed to help you insert the LED bulbs in the right direction. If a bulb doesn’t fit, don’t force it – check that it’s the right type, inserted in the right direction.

    Second, it’s often hard to remove the bulbs – the little wires can get stuck (you will see what I mean when you remove the first one, or you may have replaced other led bulbs). You may have to use plier, carefully. And you may need to straighten the wire leads before re-inserting.

    Third – How can you tell which bulb failed? As with other light strings, you can just keep trying a known-good bulb in each socket – swap, test, if it still doesn’t work swap back and move to the next.

    Or to reduce the swaps, assume that any bulb you have swapped out for a good bulb, but which doesn’t fix the problem, is also a good bulb, and swap it in for the next bulb.

    If there are two bad ones, you are sunk – but usually there is only one.

    That was too labor intensive for me, after swapping about half the bulbs, I just let the jumbo C9 sit on the lawn for the rest of the season (or returned the string). (Some of them work some times and not others)

    I’m ordering a contactless AC voltage sensor (a battery operated probe that costs around $15), and I will see if that helps locate the bad bulb. If so, I will try to fix some lights. If not, I am too lazy to swap out every bulb.

    I’m also going to look for an easier way to pull out the bulbs.

    This problem of locating and swapping led bulbs is not specific to these lights; lots of LED light strings have the same problem. So if I can find an easier fix, it will help with lots of other LED strings I have. But these Costco/Sylvania Jumbo C9s have the worst failure rate I’ve encountered.

    If they were not so darn pretty, I wouldn’t bother. But the closest alternative I’ve seen are bulbs from Northlight, at 3 for $50 (vs 6 for $42 at Costco in store), and they don’t have all the cool colors and modes.

    (Actually, the Northlight ones use virtually identical shells – with a small difference in where screws go. And they use an identical internal clear plate to space out the LEDs – even tho they only use 20 LEDs and don’t need the notch for the holding tabs. Clearly they share some manufacturing. If you like the appearance but don’t need changing colors and don’t mind paying twice as much, you can buy the Northlights as a replacement. Best price I found before Christmas was BB&B but lots of retailers carry them).

    What I really wish at the moment is that I could find a cheap stash of the broken Costco/Sylvania Jumbo C9’s – just the outer shells – so I could use my own leds inside; there must be a ton of them going into a landfill somewhere.

    1. Wow! I can’t thank you enough for providing that information. That is fantastic information for everyone who is having issues with these pathway lights. I think most people will say, that after having to spend that much time on a brand new product, it might make sense to just return them. I do like tinkering with projects like this, so I would probably do that same as you. Thanks again & I’m sure this will help plenty of people!

  3. I can’t believe these haven’t been recalled? All three of our strings failed. My coworker bought six sets and four failed. We both returned all of our sets. Extremely flawed.

    1. Ya. With all the failures it’s a surprise Costco was still selling them. I’ve had Costco employees tell me NOT to buy products because of how bad they were and they were going to be taken off the shelves soon. I’m surprised they didn’t do that with these. Maybe they will get a HUGE influx of returns on these after Christmas. Hopefully Sylvania revamps this model because they are nice looking…….when they work

  4. Beautiful lights with tons of options. Unfortunately not very durable, have two sets of these and each set has at least one light that is no longer working. Had high hopes for these lasting for many years however these are more than likely a one and done item. Very disappointing.

    1. Hi John. Thanks for that. This seems to be a very common complaint of these lights. For all of those who are thinking about purchasing these, I Would steer clear. Hopefully Costco stops carrying this model or Sylvania comes up with a new design for next year. They are GREAT looking when they work, but far too many complaints about longevity. Thanks for chiming in

    1. You’re not the only one with issues on these. Apparently they are a real pain to change and they constantly go out. You might be better off returning these. Let me know how it ends up working out

  5. A light went out on one of my bulbs. Does anybody know how to get the lens off; to replace the bulb. Overall: I like these lights.

    1. I’m glad you like them, but many people are having the same complaints you do. It seems as though these aren’t built to last. Let me know if you end up replacing the bulbs or if you return them. Thanks

  6. Returning mine today after 4 weeks 4 lights are out. I saw
    Lots of other people returning them for the same problem.

    1. Ya. Seems to be the same issue everyone else is having. Sorry to hear about it and hope you have no issues with the return. Costco will be getting a lot of these back

  7. Horrible Lights 3 went out already and only had for a week.
    Called Sylvania and they were not helpful and told me to take it back to Costco. I will not be purchasing from this brand again.


    1. Ya, that seems to be a common theme with this specific set. It’s unfortunate, but it seems a lot of people are returning these. Hopefully Costco does not carry them again next year unless they do a significant model change

  8. Total bummer. I have to stay away from Sylvania. Same issue. I bought 12 sets and paid someone to help me install them bc I was rushing with other things. Maybe 1 works per set.

    1. Such a bummer! These looked so great in the store. This seems to be a common theme amongst this set. I’m sure Costco had a LOT of returns on these because a lot of people had similar issues. Sorry. Hope they come out with a better version next year

  9. Purchased 4 sets and was so excited to get them in the yard. Within one day at least one bulb was out in each strand. This evening we decided to take them all down because we had 7 bulbs completely out. Not one single set survived. We even tried to troubleshoot and swap out with the replacement bulbs. And that In itself was a ridiculously tedious task. Such a bummer because they were beautiful when they worked on the first day. Extremely disappointed in such a poorly made product. They will all be returned tomorrow.

    1. Sorry to hear and thanks for the review! This seems to be a common theme with thee pathway lights. That is unfortunate because they are such a nice looking set. Sounds like you took the extra steps to try to troubleshoot without success. After you drop an hour or 2 into an item like this without success, it’s time to return. Their QA person should take note & keep these off the shelf next year unless they redesign them. Thanks for the comment

  10. We love our lights, but find that the stakes are easily broken. Do you know if you can buy some replacement stakes? I am on the search, but cannot find them.

    1. You might be better off searching for your own stakes on Amazon or something. That’s too bad they broke on you, because that is such an inexpensive part. I’m glad you like these, because the reviews on them have not been that great. Many people report outages soon after installing them

  11. Same issue. Had one bulb in one set go out within days. Ordered a new set online, because they did have them online for a bit. Literally put them up on Sunday and by Tuesday, the bulb in the same location was out. Looked last night and another bulb is out on another set. They’re all coming out and going back. I have 4 sets (5 to return due to the extra order) and that’s too much money for them to go out so quickly. And the sets where bulbs have gone out are not connected to each other.

    1. Ya, that does sound terrible. I would return them too if they were that inconsistent. Sorry to hear about the bad experience

  12. I bought two set in the beginning and then they stopped working in three weeks one by one, I had to return them and got replacement, because I really like these lights, but after two weeks, they stoped working again, end up to return all of them, when I came to store to make return, I saw a lady In front of me carrying the same light for return. If you check online you will see many people has the same issue with this product, but I can’t find it online anymore, also I saw one of my neighbors used the same light, it’s stopped working after about a week, and then it was disappeared from their front yard, now I’m looking for something to replace, but it looks like everything is sold out in store. Maybe I just not luck enough.

    1. That’s too bad Shan. Did you troubleshoot what the issue was? Did the whole strand of 6 stop working or the individual lights went out? Sometimes the fuse will go out on lights like this and that will solve the problem. Wonder if there is a flaw with water getting into these units since they are meant for outdoors. I still see them in stock at my Costco so hopefully you can find them again

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