Costco $100 PlayStation Gift Card 2 x $50 for $89.99

Get a $100 PlayStation gift card for $89.99! You can’t beat it. Well, maybe you could beat it by scouring Ebay, Raise, Craig’s List, etc………but if you want a no fuss 10% or $10 off, just go with Costco. The great thing is that this purchase comes in a 2-pack, so you get 2 x $50 gift cards. This means you can divvy them up for yourself or as gifts. Download the latest games and add-ons: Discover and download tons of great PS4, PS3, and PS Vita games and DLC (downloadable content) to give you more. Access your favorite movies and TV shows: Rent or purchase the newest and biggest movies and TV shows available, and download or stream them instantly to your favorite PlayStation devices. You can connect with millions and start playing online: Take your PlayStation games to the next level by downloading the latest multiplayer maps, missions, and characters to play online with friends.

Just for comparison you can see the most trustworthy online retailer (Amazon) doesn’t even offer a discount. Some of the reviews even have issues with redeeming the codes. Check it out here……..

My opinion is, get it from Costco & save yourself some headache……..and $10. Just like the digital code you will get them instantly, but have the comfort of Costco’s return policy if there is an issue.

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Price: $89.99, Item Number: 143, Limit: 3

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