Costco 6′ Glitter String LED Holiday Tree

Costco sells this 6′ Foot Glitter String LED Holiday Tree for $119.99. Scroll down for photos. I have never seen this type of Christmas Tree at Costco before. At first glance, I thought this was indoor only because of the glitter & how delicate it looked, however, after touching the display, I realized how sturdy & well made this Christmas Tree was. It is much heavier than I thought weighing in at 13 pounds, so it is also rated for outdoors. I think this would also make a nice Christmas Tree for all those who have smaller living rooms. It’s a compact tree, that isn’t fully round, so it would fit great in a corner or small space. Anyways, here are a few more details about this Costco 6′ Glitter String LED Holiday Tree……

  • 156 warm white LED lights
  • 64 multi-colored LED sphere ornaments lights
  • Approximate dimensions: 31.5″ (L) × 19″ (W) × 72″ (H)
  • Approximate weight: 13 lbs.
  • Plug in: adapter included
  • Cord length: 26′
  • Accessories not included
  • Assembly required
  • Indoor / Outdoor Rated

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Costco 72″ Holiday Glitter Tree w/LED Lights

If you’re at Costco, take a look at this tree next time. Like I said, it is surprisingly sturdier than I originally gave it credit for. I think this would look great in the front yard of any house. The only issue I would have inside the home is that glitter would get everywhere. currently sells this for $129.99, so that’s only $10 more for shipping & handling. It’s got decent reviews, with the only bad review stating it was shipped with broken parts. Other than that, people seemed to really like it. If you can’t find this in store, make sure to check out these other HIGHLY RATED LED Christmas Trees (check out the last one. Pink, White & Black Christmas Trees!!)…….

Price: $119.99, Item Number: 1486935

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19 thoughts on “Costco 6′ Glitter String LED Holiday Tree

  1. Hello,

    I have one of these but I unfortunately cut off the plug end and lost it. I was wonder if you know the transformer size (voltage and amps) so that I could replace mine.


    1. I can’t say purchased this one. It looks like there are only so many options so it comes in 4 main pieces. Did you end up figuring it out?

  2. I really would like to purchase the 6ft glitter string LED COSTCO Christmas tree. Can you tell me how I can get one please?

    1. Unfortunately these have been sold out in store and online for a while. The only way to get a hold of these will be through 3rd party (eBay, Amazon, Etsy, etc.). Sorry and good luck

    1. Hi Sherry. This is going to be difficult to find since Christmas is over. You’re best bet would be to look on eBay or check with some smaller websites / companies who buy all the leftover product from Costco. There are a few of them out there

    1. Check the instructions or box & there should be a contact number on the box / directions. I don’t have this particular set, so if someone else can post the email / phone number, that would be great. Thanks!

  3. Does anyone know how to contact the manufacturer of this tree? I’m missing 1 colored bulb..

    Costco 72″ Holiday Glitter Tree w/LED Lights

    1. Can you send me a photo of the bulb socket. Any chance you can find replacements on Amazon? Let me know if you end up finding replacement bulbs

      1. Yes. The instructions are in the box. It shouldn’t take very much to put it together. I haven’t seen these on the shelves in weeks now, so if you can find it, buy it

    1. I am not 100% sure exactly what your are asking. Do none of the lights work? or only a section of the tree is working? Please elaborate so I can try to help. If you ended up fixing it, please let me know what the issue was. Good luck

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