Costco 60″ Posable Skeleton With LED Blue Eyes

I saw this 60″ posable skeleton while walking through Costco. It is a life size 60″ skeleton that you can manipulate to hold realistic poses. The nice thing is that you can frequently change the location and the pose of this skeleton to continually enjoy. It stands at 5 feet tall so it’s sure to tower over most trick-or-treaters. It can be used indoor/outdoor & comes with a timer (6 hours on/18 hours off). No assembly required. Pick up some lights & this skeleton & your Halloween decorating is good to go.

Price: $37.99, Item Number: 1900318

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One thought on “Costco 60″ Posable Skeleton With LED Blue Eyes

  1. A friend of mine bought one for me a couple of years ago. We named him Sir Choghahus and everyone love him!

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