Costco 7.5 Artificial Pre Lit Christmas Tree, 1850 LED Lights

Costco sell this 7.5 Foot Artificial Pre Lit Christmas Tree for $399.99. Scroll down for photos. We bought our 7.5 foot pre-lit Christmas Tree from Costco approximately 5 years ago. It has already paid for itself multiple times over! As I’ve said in my older Christmas Tree posts, we absolutely love our pre-lit tree. It takes about 10 minutes to set up & you can switch between the white & colored lights on our tree. We’ve had no issues storing it because we purchased an Elf Stor Christmas Storage Bag & it works great! The only issue is getting the heavy bag up & down off the shelf each year! Anyways, if you are even thinking about it, I highly recommend going with the pre-lit tree for many reasons. I’ll talk about them below. Here are a few more details about this Costco 7.5 Foot Artificial Pre Lit Christmas Tree……..

  • 1850 Micro LED Lights
  • EZ Connect Technology
  • For Indoor Use Only
  • On/Off Pedal with 5 Effects
  • Minimal Shaping Needed
  • 7.5 Feet Tall
  • Remote Control Included’
  • 13 Different Brightness Levels

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Costco 7.5′ Pre-Lit Radiant Micro LED Artificial Christmas Tree 2021

I want to say we paid $299.99 for our tree 5 years ago. Yes, it’s $100 less, but if I had to get another one I would buy this exact one in a heartbeat (we have 8 foot ceilings). I can understand if you’re a fan of getting a real tree. In all fairness, I loved doing that as a kid. It was a fun tradition. The reason I recommend the artificial trees is mainly because of the fire hazard a real tree presents. If you let them dry out too much, they can go up in flames VERY quickly. Also, they are getting really expensive. These artificial trees pay for themselves in about 2 – 4 years. Anyways, sells this one for $489.99, so that’s $90 more for shipping & handling. It’s got amazing reviews though! I am also going to recommend these HIGHLY RATED accessories for the tree…….

Price: $399.99, Item Number: 1487014

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21 thoughts on “Costco 7.5 Artificial Pre Lit Christmas Tree, 1850 LED Lights

  1. Hello! I just got this tree Saturday, and the top 2 sections lights went out within an hour and I cannot get them back on. I made sure the arrows are all lined up… nothing is helping. I started the warranty process and plan to take the whole thing apart and start over tonight – sadly I had already put decorations on so I will have to re-do the whole thing. Has anyone had any issues with the lights and how did you fix it?! Trying really hard to avoid lugging this thing back into a store, if I can! Thanks!

  2. Thank you “Costco Fan” for sending the UPC#! I was able to call Poly Group Customer Service and using Item #1487014 they were able to privide the Model #TG76P4826D88 “7.5FT ASPEN RADIANT MICRO LED QUICK SET TREE”. The rest was easy, I had to register the tree on thir website and open a claim for THE missing remote and manual: to be mailed to me within a week or earlier.

    1. Awesome! Glad that worked out for you. Keep me updated and let me know if you end up getting the product. Sometimes these manufacturers can be hard to get a hold of, but once you do they ship you the correct parts.

      1. Hi, yes – I received a brand new remote but they said a copy of owners manual will come with it which was omitted 🙁 I will need to get a hold of them again, maybe they can send a soft copy at least. Thanks for the follow and this great site you manage. I found the links you posted very helpful and ordered a tree storage bag and treetop star, both good quality and look great. Kind regards

  3. I’m not too sure if their 9 ft. tree is made exactly the same as the 7ft. I was putting away my tree today and I noticed some plastic pine needles shedding on the floor. When I inspected the tree closer, I noticed that the inside hidden branches are made of plastic needles and the tips are made of rubber that makes it look real , which is the main reason why I paid $800 for it! I did not like my old tree that sheds so much during and after assembling. Did you happen to notice if your tree shedding. I am so disappointed and want to return the tree but I guess if all their trees are like the one I got, I’m gonna have to just live with it.

    1. That’s interesting to know. Like I said, I got my tree in 2016 & it was made by GE. Every year, a few pine needles fall off, so it seems to keep getting thinner and thinner. I would say I still have about 5 more years until I need to think about replacing it, which means I got 10 years out of a $300 tree. Totally worth it in my opinion. Plus the setup and breakdown can’t be beat. Sorry you are having trouble with your 9 foot tree. Is it just a little bit of shedding? or a lot of pine needles? I feel like you will always lose a little bit each time it gets setup and crammed back in the bag

  4. I purchased this 7.5″ Xmas tree item #1487014 from Costco display, out of box. Since the white remote (as shown in attached pic) is missing, Costco advised to contact their main distributor for a replacement. The vendor is now asking for the Tree Model #, UPC # to send the matching remote. Can anyone kindly lookup the model/UPC #s on your tree box or the owners manual. I searched online and noticed this tree also comes with incandescent lights, however I need the info. from latest one with LED lights. Thanks

    1. Shoot! I wish my photo was just a bit clearer. It looks like the UPC is “9207253293” so give that a try. Hopefully they can find the model number from this UPC. I’m not sure what the exact model is but you can give them all the details from the post (i.e. 1850 Micro-LED’s, EZ Connect Technology). They should be able to find it with that info. Let me know if you end up finding the exact model number & I’ll post it for others. Keep us updated

  5. We just put this tree up and noticed that it “spins.” Does anyone know if that is normal, is it supposed to spin in the tree stand (stand that comes with the tree)? It also seems a little wobbly, has anyone had any concerns with this? The tree is beautiful and looks great, just a little concerned about its stability.

    1. We have the same issue and have no fix for it. Ours also started to turn itself on and off or change its settings on its own… might have to return it.

      1. Did you try taking the battery out of the remote and see if that works? If that doesn’t work it may be the power unit to the tree that is going bad. If you can send me a photo if your power unit maybe we can locate a replacement to purchase? If you got the tree recently, then maybe just return it to Costco and get a new one

    2. I don’t think this model spins. I have seen this model in-store and it is exactly like mine from 3 years ago. It comes with a metal base and a screw to tighten down on the pole so it doesn’t spin. It’s got a pedal that turns the lights on/off. I have had no stability issues. Please elaborate on the spinning and maybe I can help

      1. Mine spins too and is wicked unstable. Called for help and spoke to a customer service man in some far away country for 90 minutes as he tried to help me troubleshoot. Promised a new stand to see if that would help and that was 6weeks ago. Nothing came in them mail. I regret this purchase. 🙁

        1. Sorry Alexa. You can always return it to Costco if it doesn’t work out. When I purchased my 7.5 pre-lit tree it was made by GE. I’ve had it for 5 years now with no issues. It’s a bummer they went with a different manufacturer. Sorry for the trouble.

    1. Great! Thanks for the heads up Mark. It seems like they’ve gotten another shipment in at our Costco’s because they were sold out for a while but now I see them in stock

  6. My local Costcos do not have them in stock. Can you tell me the name of the company that makes them? Maybe BJ’s sells these trees?

    1. Yes. I would also check BJ’s & Sam’s Club if you can. Usually these are in stock for a while, but this year seems to be different. A few of my Costco’s did not have them in stock either. Hopefully they will be getting more. Let me know if you end up finding one. Good luck

    1. No. Assuming you are looking at the same model number it is the same exact product. Costco marks up the price online to make up for shipping & handling. Sometimes it may be worth it to pay the few extra bucks and have it delivered. Right now this item is out of stock. It is $489.99 which is $90 more for shipping and handling. Seems a little steep but may be worth it. Hope that helps

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