Costco American Girl Doll Welliewishers Vet Set

These are some expensive dolls! As a father who is new to the game of children’s toys I had no idea that dolls could be this expensive. I asked my wife about them & received the shocked look that I had no idea what they were. Well Costco sells the American Girl Doll Wellieswishers Vet Set with the doll & accessories. Costco had 3 options to choose from: Willa, Camille & Kendall. Scroll down for photos. Next to these dolls was the American Girl S’more Fun Camping Set. If you are in the market for one of these, I would recommend getting them now. The stack didn’t seem to big & when the item is off the Costco shelves, sometimes it never comes back. Here are a few more details about this Costco American Girl Doll…….

  • 3 Options: Willa, Camille & Kendall
  • Includes Character Doll & Pony
  • Vet Theme Accessories: Doll Outfit, Bunny, Doll vet coat, Vet bag, X-ray viewer, 3 X-ray slides, Stethoscope, Syringe, Dropper, Thermometer, Bottle, 2 bandage wraps, Eyeglasses, Grooming mitt, Pony blanket, Food bowl, Bunch of carrots, Clipboard, Pencil, 3 Paper Pet Checklists
  • 26 pieces total
  • Ages 5+ Years

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Costco American Girl Doll

For $99.99 this seems to be the best deal around. I still say it’s expensive for a doll but if I had a little girl begging for the doll, I’m sure I would cave. If you are looking for a different type of doll, or maybe just a doll without all the accessories, make sure to check out these links on Amazon. Even if you already have the doll, you can purchase some different accessories to go with……..

Price: $99.99, Item Number: 2021555

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