Costco Anderson Industries 50′ Outdoor Extension Cord 2-Pack

This was one of those lucky finds that I didn’t know Costco carried (scroll down for photos). You know when you stroll down an aisle you don’t normally walk when you’re on a Costco mission…….well I happened to stroll down the aisle where these extension cables were & I couldn’t have been happier because I needed them. I had no idea how expensive these were because they run between $30 – $40 just for 1 on Amazon. Check out the links below & you will see the price of JUST ONE…..

This is the same exact product except you get 2! I’ve had many times I need 2 extension cords whether it be extending off the 1 for 100 feet or I just need 2 at a time because I am working on a project around the house. The lighted ends are so convenient for knowing if it’s got power. It’s also good from a safety perspective. This extension cords are…

  • UL Listed (Good for safety)
  • Lighted Female Plug (soooo convenient)
  • 3 wire grounded (Again, good for safety)
  • 12/3 SJTW (You def want the 12 gauge when running power tools)
  • Outdoor Rated
  • 15 amp / 125 volt

Grab yourself some wall hooks & get them mounted in your garage. It looks nice & they’re outta the way. Check out my garage below

Price: $39.99, Item: 1107236

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