Costco Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat, Costco Kitchen Mat

Costco sells this anti fatigue kitchen mat for $18.99. Scroll for photos. We purchased ours from Costco a few years ago & I want to say we paid about $10 for it on sale. We’ve had ours for 2 – 3 years now & we love them! The day I purchased it, we went back & bought another one because we wanted 2 in the kitchen. We keep 1 in front of the sink & we keep 1 in front of the stove. I didn’t notice them at first, but I sure noticed when they were gone for a day. We forgot to put them back after cleaning the kitchen one day & after a few minutes of washing dishes I could feel the strain. These mats are wonderful & I highly recommend them. I found these in the kitchen aisle. Here are a few more details about this Costco anti fatigue kitchen mat…..

  • Brand: Mohawk Home Timeless Traditions Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat
  • 20 inch x 42 inch (50 cm x 106 cm)
  • 100% Polyurethane
  • Clean easily with soap & water
  • Do not use bleach
  • Colors: Brown & Blue

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Costco Kitchen Mat

Having these mats in the kitchen is great. They are super easy to clean & move around. You can wipe them down with some simple soap & water & they stay looking new. Ours get used pretty heavily & have no marks, stains or dents. Our 2 year old loves to play on them because he thinks they are toys. We’re always in the kitchen so these really help with those long days of daddy day care & cooking. If you can’t find these at Costco or you want to see different styles or sizes, check out these HIGHLY RATED anti fatigue mats on Amazon……

Price: $18.99, Item Number: 1267079

4 thoughts on “Costco Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat, Costco Kitchen Mat

  1. Loved my Mohawk anti-fatigue mats! I need more and can’t find them. When is Costco going to bring them back?

    1. These tend to be seasonal. I feel like I just saw them at Costco at the end of 2021. These ant fatigue mats are usually pretty popular so I expect to see them again here shortly

    1. I just saw these at my Costco yesterday! They were a different brand / color, but they were anti-fatigue mats. Make sure to check the middle aisles and all the home good aisles thoroughly. I could walk through Costco 3 times in a row and catch something new each time =)

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