Costco Artificial Christmas Tree, 7.5′ Pre-Lit Tree

**2021 Costco 7.5 Artificial Pre Lit Christmas Tree, 1850 LED Lights**

Christmas already!?!?! This seems a bit ridiculous with Christmas almost 4 months away. Oh well……Get your Costco artificial Christmas tree early and be done with it. Here we have the 7.5 foot Surebright Pre-Lit Christmas Tree (scroll for photos). It stands at 7.5 feet tall so it’s perfect for homes with 8 foot ceilings. You may not be able to get a large Christmas tree topper, but you can still put something on top. I do realize that $299 is expensive, but when you compare the quality to the big box stores, I really think this is worth it. I’ve strolled through Home Depot & Lowe’s & the tree’s look fake & feel cheap. I wouldn’t bet on them lasting through too many seasons. Anyways, here are a few more details about this tree………

  • 7.5 foot pre-lit tree
  • Indoor user only
  • 700 LED lights
  • EZ Connect technology
  • On/Off pedal with 7 effects: clear steady, clear fading, multi-color steady, multi-color fading, clear/multi-color alternating, clear/multi-color fading, demo mode
  • Simple to shape

Costco Artificial Christmas Tree

We purchased our artificial Christmas tree from Costco in 2016. It was a GE brand at the time but it was just about the same thing as this one. We are VERY happy with the results. If I remember correctly it was about $300 at the time & it has already paid for itself when compared to a real tree. I know there are some “real tree” die-hard’s, but I gotta tell you……it takes about 10 minutes to set the tree up. There’s no hassle with the tree dying & becoming a fire hazard or making a mess. If the EZ Connect technology is anything like mine, it’s only 3 sections that need to be connected followed by a plug. It looks perfect every time & has the same white/color modes as this tree. Every year I set it up, I am glad I bit the bullet & made the purchase.

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MUST HAVE Accessories for Costco Christmas Tree’s

So the box our tree came in ended up getting destroyed after a couple of uses. I ended up buying one of those Christmas tree bags & it makes storing SOOOOO much easier. I HIGHLY recommend you get a Christmas Tree bag to go with. Don’t forget the Christmas Tree skirt, since the one that comes in the bag is pretty plain. If you’re look for other HIGH QUALITY trees, check out the 3rd link (bottom one). Here are the links to the items……….

Price: $299.99, Item Number: 2006005

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52 thoughts on “Costco Artificial Christmas Tree, 7.5′ Pre-Lit Tree

  1. Hello, I made one comment on someone else’s post, because I saw that they had the same problem as I am having. In short – This tree literally stinks. It has a really strong chemical, plastic odor. I love the look of the tree, so I put it outside to let it off gas for 2 days hoping that would work, but when I brought it back in, the smell still remained.
    I called Polygroupstore, and they said that they haven’t heard of this problem, but then mentioned that it does smell like plastic.
    The tree looks great, but I WOULD NOT buy it again. The smell overpowers the room, and you don’t want to be near the tree.

  2. We have our tree lights set to the colored light setting. The tree is on an automatic timer. Every night when it turns on the lights are bouncing between all white then all colored. We have to reset every time to get it to stay on one setting. Is there a way to set it so it stays?

    1. Sounds like it may be because the timer turns off the tree, thus resetting the device. If we did that with our tree, it would always turn on with the “white” setting on. I don’t think a different timer will help any, but you could try that.

  3. We bought this tree last year and it was perfect. This year we took it out of the box and put it together and it isn’t a tight connection so the tree tilts at the top. Not sure why that would happen or how to fix it but the tree being crooked is not working for me. It wiggles around if you try to straighten it but won’t stay put.

    1. Interesting. I have the 7.5 Artificial Tree from Costco from around 5 years ago & did not have that issue. It’s most likely a different model, but have you checked to see if it’s slid all the way in. Do the lights still work but it’s also crooked. If that’s the case, you may have to find something small to wedge inside their to keep it straight. Just make sure it isn’t touching the electrical contacts. That is pretty annoying, so sorry to hear about that. Let me know if you find a solution.

  4. We also purchased two years ago and this year the top section has a bunch of lights out and the ones that aren’t out are dim! We’ve tried changing bulbs but seems to be a wiring issue :(. The tree is advertised to NOT have a bunch go out if one bulb is bad. Not sure what to do.

    1. We may have a similar one. It could be the connection from section 2 to 3 is not great. Have you tried adjusting section 3 (top section) of the tree with the lights on. You may find that if you wiggle it all the lights come on. I had a similar issue where that section of the tree wasn’t seated properly. Mine is the GE brand from 2016. Hope that helps

    1. Thanks for the tip YR! I checked it out. Those stands are cheap too. Under $20. Hopefully that helps someone!

    1. You’ll want to email the manufacturer. Did the box not come with a stand. It is just a small metal stand that folds flat for storage. There is nothing special about it so instead of returning you may be able to find one on Amazon. Just measure the diameter of the base of the tree & find a stand that will work on Amazon

  5. I bought a 7.5 ft Christmas tree at an estate sale and apparently the top part of the tree never got put in the box. So I have a beautiful tree without the top portion. I’m looking to see if I can purchase just the top piece? I don’t see anywhere that I can purchase replacements. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. That’s going to be a tough one Sharon. I don’t believe the company would have a replacement section since it would be pretty rare for an entire section to get lost. Plus you would have to know the specific model since some of them have different electrical connections. You could always cover it up with a large tree topper if that would help. Good luck

  6. Does anyone have issues with the lights not staying on one setting? Ie. the warm white will only stay for a few hours then switch to another mode.

    1. No. I’ve never had an issue with that. My particular tree only has 3 settings (white, colored, rotating white/colored). The only thing I can think of is that your switch my be malfunctioning. It should only stay on the setting you set it too. Is there a chance that it’s on 1 of the rotating modes & you may just not know it? Let me know if you are able to troubleshoot it.

  7. Nothing with the decorations is new this year. The smell kinda hit us when we opened up the box. Usually, PVC fumes aren’t good for you, so we were definitely concerned with how strong it was.

    My sister has the same tree (hers is a few years old) and she doesn’t remember this experience with hers, either. Kinda hard to exchange it when they’re all sold out, though! It’s an absolutely lovely tree, otherwise.

    1. Yes. They do seem to have sold out quick this year. Well that’s a bummer you had a bad experience with the off gassing. Did you end up keeping it? Or do you plan on returning it? Keep me updated & please let me know of the smell subsides. I hope it does! Happy Holidays!

      1. We just bought the Costco tree and I am surprized at the strong odor. I put ours outside for a couple of days to let it off gas, but it hasn’t helped.
        I just called Polygroupstore, and they also mentioned that they have not heard of the bad smell, but then said, that it does smell like plastic, but they have not had any complaints.

  8. Sorry if this double posts, but I haven’t seen my post yet.

    Did anyone else’s tree have an unpleasantly strong plastic/chemical smell when unboxed? Ours smelled up the whole first floor, was giving people headaches, and seemed not healthy to be around.

    We tried airing it out for a couple afternoons to no avail. Polygroup wasn’t helpful and the rep acted like she’s never heard of this problem, though I’ve read that many trees made with PVC will off-gas. She suggested exchanging, but Costco is sold out.

    1. We did not notice it with our tree. We unboxed ours & immediately set it up in the house. We’ve had similar issues with other household items though (rugs, mattresses, etc.) but not the Christmas tree. Maybe you can leave it in the garage for a few days to let it air out. Is it possible you purchased a new Christmas Tree skirt or another product that is off-gassing? Either way you should be OK after a couple days if you can move it out of the house. Sorry for the bad experience. Hopefully it has no other issues besides the off gassing

    2. I set up my tree last night and I have had a headache all day. It smells terrible. I’ve opened all the windows but it’s not helping. I noticed when I go outside that my headache goes away, so I know it’s from the tree. Did the smell ever fade? This is just terrible. I truly do not think I can keep the tree if the smell does not fade

      1. A few other people have mentioned the same exact issue. The smell does fade, but you may not want it inside the house the entire time it fades. We’ve had similar issues with rugs. We usually open the box and set it up in the garage & it dissipates in a few days. Sorry you’re having this issue. It should fade with time. Please let me know how it works out

  9. Did anyone else’s tree have a very strong plastic/chemical smell when you took it out of the box? It made our whole first floor smell and didn’t seem healthy to breathe. We took it outside to air out for two afternoons and it still smells.

    I called Polygroup. I don’t think she was ever able to successfully look up the model number because the ones on the Costco trees don’t follow their format. She acted as though this is something she’s not heard of before and that we should exchange it.

    I wanted to see if this was common or not…

    1. We’ve had our Costco tree for several years and it still stinks every time we set it up. It makes me dread setting up for Christmas but we paid a lot for the tree and the hubby won’t buy a new one. It makes the whole first level stink. I tend to open the window behind it and put an air purifier next to it and I can still smell it. Wish I could replace

      1. Wow! That’s no fun. We purchased the 7.5 foot tree in 2016 & have had no issue with the smell. I don’t even remember there being a smell when we first opened it. Our brand is the GE Tree. You would think it would have dissipated by now. Does a candle or spray help the smell?

  10. When our cats go under the tree, the lights go from white lights on solid to dimming white lights. They aren’t stepping on the on/off switch. We can’t figure out what they are bumping to trigger this. Any ideas??

    1. It’s got to be a loose connection somewhere. Have you tried shaking the tree or wiggling the wires? You may be able to pinpoint exactly where it is at & fix it from there. I know the tree I bought a few years ago has electrical connections in the trunks….is there any chance those aren’t seated properly? I would also check all the points where the wires connect to the tree, plug & the switch. It may be at one of those sections. Let me know if you end up finding the issue

  11. Hello,
    Does anyone have the actual model number for this? I need the instructions but I have no model number because I got rid of the box because it got wet. According to Polygroup it is on box!!

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Sorry, I don’t have the exact model number. I didn’t see it anywhere in my photos. It wasn’t on the front sticker of the box, so maybe it’s on the side somewhere. Is there a reason you need the instructions. Setting up the tree is fairly straightforward. You just stack the 3 sections on top of each other & plug the power cable into the bottom section. Let me know if you’re having any issues & maybe one of us can help. Thanks

        1. Sorry I don’t actually sell the product. I just review the products a buy & find at Costco. If you’re looking for a similar tree on Amazon that has some great ratings take a look at the “National Tree Carolina Pine Tree with Clear Lights , 7.5 Feet“. It’s made by the National Tree Company & almost all of their trees have very good reviews. They also carry a nice variety to choose from. I hope that helps

  12. Has anyone had any problems with the color lights going bad on this tree? On color mode a bunch of lights are out and some are very dim and some flicker….all of the white lights are fine.

    1. I have not. I have the 7.5 model from about 3 years ago. I think it was made by GE. I haven’t had a single issue with the lights going bad. It sounds like it might be more of a wiring/fuse issue than the lights. It would be very unlikely for that many lights to go bad unless there was a bad batch at the manufacturer. Is it possibly a bad switch? Let me know what you end up finding out. Thanks

      1. I’ve had my tree for 3 years. This year some of the lights started flickering and some have gone out and then come back on. This is when on steady color lights.
        Anyone else having this problem?

        1. Mine is about 3 years old too. I just packed it up for winter & have had no issues. It’s the GE brand. I did notice that some of the connections on the tree were loose. There are these green twist connectors on mine that I needed to tighten. Is that possibly happening on your tree sections. Have you tried re-seating the 3 section of the tree. Maybe you are getting a bad connection on one of the sections which causes it to flicker. Other than that the only thing I can think of is the power source. You should be able to contact the company who made it & get a new one. I kept my packaging, so the contact information is on there for any issues. It may be past warranty, but they may help you out. Let me know if you end up finding the issue

          1. Have you tried to order a new power supply Ashley? Maybe you can get one from the company if you still have the information. When I looked inside my Christmas Tree Bag I still had the GE contact information, so I will be contacting them if I have any issues. I’ve had good luck so far. Fingers crossed. Let me know if you end up fixing it

    2. Yes! Ours is two years old and is doing the exact same thing. We are wanting to return it as it’s a lot of money to become defective in 2 years.

      1. They are expensive! Have you tried contacting the company? If that doesn’t work I would just return it. These trees should last a LONG time for the money paid. Hopefully it’s just a simple fix

  13. If anyone else asks the same question about a lighted tree topper…I bought a 12 foot green extension cord for Christmas tree lights that I could hide down the middle of the tree and plug into my rotating Christmas tree stand. That worked really well.

    1. That’s a great idea Lindsey! Thanks for sharing. That’s so simple too since you already have a power source at the base of the tree. I think I’m going to do exactly that this year! Now I just need to find the perfect tree topper

    2. What tree topper do you use? The top of this tree has lights and not very sturdy to attach one. I have been looking for a clip on or Velcro on attachment type. The screw on spring style does not work.

      1. I use an unlighted star that is attached to a slender rod. I then use Velcro straps to attached the rod to the trunk. I hope that makes sense. Another user mentioned running a green electrical cord up the trunk so you can use a lighted tree topper. It was a great idea. But as far as attaching a topper, there is no universal connection on the tops of these trees. You just have to get crafty with tape, Velcro, string, wire or a really good balancing act. Let me know how it works out

    3. I used a tree topper from Target that came with a pretty heavy duty clip. I stuck a couple of the tree branches together to make it more stable. I would upload a picture of my tree here but can’t seem to figure out how to do that.

  14. I recently bought a surebright led tree. Is there a place to plug in a lighted tree topper? I can’t seem to find anywhere to plug one in.

    1. Unfortunately, ours did not come with a plug for a tree topper. I know, it’s very disappointing. I’m going to make an assumption that this doesn’t either. I will double check again this year (I haven’t set my tree up yet, sorry). Maybe someone here can shed more light on this & come up with a solution. The only thing I can think of is a battery operated topper. You could possibly modify the end of the lights but that opens a new can of worms (fire hazard, void warranty, possibly break it, etc.), so I don’t recommend that. I’ll get back to you after I get mine up

    1. Do you remember which brand you have? They have changed brands a few times over the years. You may be able to find a universal one on Amazon, but I would start with the exact model number of your tree & go from there. Did you buy this year’s model?

  15. It’s barely visible on the box, but if you look closely at the last photo they show the width. It is 56 inches. I hope that helps!

  16. I can’t find anywhere the dimensions, besides that it’s 7.5 feet in height. Can you provide the width? Was in the store and didn’t see it on the box, either. Thanks.

    1. It’s barely visible on the box, but if you look closely at the last photo they show the width. It is 56 inches. I hope that helps!

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