Costco Bakery Cakes

These Costco bakery cakes are fantastic! Now I know you can order some really fancy looking cakes with fondant, but these Costco cakes have got to be the best bang for your buck. They’re readily available, can be customized & taste really good too (scroll for photos). Let’s be honest, as much as the kids like the fancy looking cakes, all they REALLY wanna do is stuff there face with some sugar. Costco has many options for all occasions; plus, if you give them 24 hours they can customize a cake for you as well. Here is a list of options that were available at my local Costco (listed from photo below)……

  • Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Football, Golf
  • Baby Shower, Balloons, Celebration, Butterfly
  • Roses, Lattice Heart, Sacred Rosebuds, Lattice Rose
  • Cross, Rainbow

You can special order these sheets cakes in chocolate or white cake. We’ve had these on several occasions & they are so tasty! They are 2 layer cakes with 2 pounds of chocolate or vanilla mousse filling. They can serve up to 48 people!

Costco Bakery Cakes, Ready Made

If you’re a procrastinator like myself & you’ve completely forgot to order a cake, not to worry. Grab 1 or 2 or 10 of the pre-made cakes that range between $12-$18 (scroll for photos). Best part about this is you’re sure to please everyone with a variety of options to choose from. Here is a list of the ones I saw at the store. I am sure there are more so I will add to this list as a I see them…….

  • 10″ Chocolate Cake filled with Chocolate Mousse (Happy Birthday)
  • Tuxedo Chocolate Mousse (this one is AMAZING)
  • Caramel Tres Leche Bar Cake (also FANTASTIC)
  • Caramel Flan or Flan De Queso
  • Cheesecake (Good old fashioned cheescake)
  • Strawberry Topped Cheescake

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It’s easy to forget that Costco does cakes so I’m here to remind you to keep them in your back pocket. They ALWAYS have something on the shelf for you to grab. If you wanna add that last bit of decoration check out these additions to really liven up the cake…….

Item Numbers: 39591, 39595, 1343114, 40706, 1366484, 37463, 37839, 38470
Prices: Please see photos

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7 thoughts on “Costco Bakery Cakes

  1. What did you do to the pecan pie recipe? Always been good and tasty. The last one we bought in San Jose was bland and gummy. No bueno. I hope this was just a mistake and not the new product.

  2. Hi Veronica, I saw on line that Sam’s Club sells 6 1/2 sheet cakes in box with plastic that have not been iced for $39.99. Pretty good deal. That makes them $6.50 each.

    1. Thanks for the friendly tip. That’s a great price for sheet cakes. I wish I had a Sam’s Club located near me so I could compare items. I know people who do have a Sam’s Club near them & I hear good things. Thanks for the comment

  3. Good Morning. I was wondering if I would be able to buy premade cakes un iced. I would consider buying a case lot’s.. for example I would be interested in a case of white and a case of chocolate 8inch rounds I believe they may come 24 cakes per case. If this is possible I would be happy to pick up in PG OR KAMLOOPS.. I do not have a membership at this time as it has expired and need to renew it. I live in a very tiny community of Likely. and our closest store is 1.5 hours away. Also do you have buckets of Icing.. Please if this is possible I would be interested in stocking up an everything to get my business growing in my new community.. Thank you so very much for any info you may be able to provide me. Have a wonderful day, stay safe, stay well! Veronica

    1. Hello Veronica. This is something you will need to ask your local Costco. I am just a blogger, who shows you all the good Costco deals. Good luck & take care!

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