Costco Barcalounger Outdoor, Layton 3 Piece Recliner Set

Costco sells this Outdoor Barcalounger 3 Piece Set for $799.99! Scroll down for photos. Barcalounger has put out some great items at Costco recently & they seem to be selling out quickly. I posted about the Barcalounger Recliner a while back & they were quickly out of stock at many Costco’s. This one will probably be the same. Summer is right around the corner & the weather is getting nicer. People are looking to spruce up their backyard / front yard & this would be a great addition. These chairs were VERY comfortable & are built for outdoors. I feel like it’s rare to see outdoor patio furniture that also reclines. This is one of the few models that has this feature so keep that in mind when shopping around. Anyways, here are a few more details about this Costco Barcalounger Outdoor 3 piece set…….

  • Brand: Barcalounger Layton 3-piece Woven Outdoor Recliner Set
  • 2 Recliners (Lounge Chairs) w/ cushions + 1 Side Table
  • No Rust Aluminum Frame
  • Sunbrella Fabric
  • UV & Mildew Resistant
  • 1 Resin Wicker Table
  • 1 Box = 1 Set

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Costco Barcalounger Layton 3 Piece Recliner Set

This is a really nice looking set. I recently tried to find it on Costco’s website & was it says “product not found”. Once they stop selling it online, it is probably going to be hard to find in store. If you see it & you think you want it, just buy it. The other Barcalounger products have great reviews & this will probably be no different. It’s a good value considering you get 2 outdoor recliners & a side table that are all made from weather resistant material. It comes in 1 big box so make sure you have a truck or big SUV. If you’re looking for some other comfortable outdoor recliners, make sure to check out these HIGHLY RATED ones……..

Price: $799.99, Item Number: 1902283

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28 thoughts on “Costco Barcalounger Outdoor, Layton 3 Piece Recliner Set

    1. 6 foot “should” be fine. I say should because some people have longer legs or taller torsos. You really need to try it for yourself or have the person who wants to purchase it sit in it. Buying furniture without trying it out is always risky

    1. Hi Darcy. Unfortunately I haven’t seen these at Costco for a couple of months now. The summer items are dwindling off the shelves. Your best bet would be to continually check online. It’s currently not on, but may be in the future. If you can’t find it, you might have to wait until next summer.

  1. Does anyone know what the pillow fabric name is? I know its sunbrella brand, looking for pattern name. Thank you.

    1. Hi Vanessa. I can’t be 100% sure but I went to the Sunbrella Fabric website and I can’t find anything that looks like the pillow. I assume you are talking about the white pillow with the medallion looking design. It could also be a “circle” design or a “geometric” design. You could always email Sunbrella one of the photos above and they will probably be able to narrow it down for you. There’s also a chance this model was specifically designed for Costco because that happens a lot with Costco. If you’re talking about the chair fabric it looks to be “Action Ash”. Hope that helps.

    1. The Tripel Covers 200 series, size small, fit these chairs very well even though they are made for 32” chairs. I found them at Canadian Tire.

    1. I tried it in store & had no issues with the recline feature. Is that what you are referring to?

  2. Just found these while in store, but am going back with a truck. Does anyone have the dimensions for these chairs? at least how long they both are side to side?

    1. Sorry gabby. I forgot to take a photo of the side of the box which clearly has the dimensions. I haven’t seen them at my Costco for a while now. If I do, I’ll make sure to get a photo

    1. I didn’t get a chance to see how the boxes were packed, but I’m guessing no. At most you would have to install the back rest, because the reclining feature should come as 1 unit. The box looked big enough to have both chairs & the stand inside fully assembled. I hope that helps

      1. Thanks for the information Karen. It’s nice to be able to pull the recliners right out of the box. Probably best to bring a truck & a friend when buying these! Glad you were able to get your hands on one. How do you like them?

    1. This was in the South San Francisco Costco in the Bay Area, CA. Where are you located? I just checked online & unfortunately it’s out of stock. It’s also $150 more too. Let me know if you end up finding it

      1. The 799 is in Costco, the 959 shipped. I am in SC and found out that Atlanta is getting 700 units, was told may get some in June. Check your Costco they will let you know if they getting some.

        1. Great! Thanks for letting us know! Ya, I would much rather save the $150 & pick it up in store than online. Hope you end up getting your hands on one. Let me know

      1. Awesome Mark! Glad you were able to find them. They don’t get that many inventory per store, so you gotta grab them while they’re available. Did you get a chance to set them up yet? How do you like them?

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