Costco Bike Helmet, Freetown Helmet with MIPS

Costco sells this Bike Helmet for $29.99. Scroll down for photos. It’s a little chilly outside this time of year, but it feels great to get outside! With COVID-19 still shutting down parts of the country, it’s nice to get out & get some exercise on your bike. This is just your run of the mill bike helmet. It doesn’t have all the fancy bells and whistles, but it’s not cheaply made either. I found this in the fitness aisle next to the Echelon Bike & Yoga Mats. You can see it comes in 3 colors: Black, Blue & White. I really like the colors because they are the matte finish Earth colors. This helmet also comes with the MIPS brain protection system. They basically use high quality foam to reduce the shock impact of a fall. Here is a little more information about this Costco Bike Helmet…….

  • Brand: Freetown Gear & Gravel Lumiere Bike Helmet
  • Size: Youth/Adult
  • MIPS Brain Protection System (see photos)
  • Fully Adjustable Fit
  • 5 LEDs visible for 100m or 300 feet
  • Reflective Safety Webbing
  • Multi-use styled designs

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Costco Freetown Bike Helmet with MIPS

They have similar helmet on Costco’s website. It looks to be the same helmet but I can’t be sure. It’s got a different Item Number than the in store one (1362205 vs 1431552). They have the same colors & features, but the one online is $10 more. Be aware that the biggest complaint was the size of the helmet was small. It states it is for a youth/adult, but it sounds like you must have a smaller size head for this to fit. If you see it in store be sure to try it on first. If it doesn’t fit or you want to see some other HIGHLY RATED helmets, make sure to check these out……

Price: $29.99, Item Number: 1362205

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