Costco Board Games, Deluxe Scrabble, Monopoly & Clue

As an 80s kid, I absolutely love seeing these old vintage Costco board games! I spotted this at Costco the other day in the holiday/toys/gifts aisle. This seems like it would be a GREAT gift for anyone who played these games growing up. I can still remember playing monopoly for hours on end. It seems like I always ended up with Baltic & Mediterranean Avenue, while my opponent had Boardwalk & Park Place! Anyways, these game sets are the Deluxe Vintage edition. They come with wooden sets & have a lazy susan type board that spins around. It’s a significant upgrade from the paper cards & money that always got lost or damaged. If you see these at Costco, make sure to take a look! Here are a few more details about these classic Costco Board Games……….

  • Monopoly and Clue are combined! Scrabble is separate
  • Reversible Game Board Top
  • Wood Game Cabinet & Wood Scrabble Tiles
  • Deluxe Scrabble Gameboard
  • Lazy Susan Design for Ease in Game Play
  • Recommended Age: 8+ Years

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Costco Deluxe Vintage Scrabble, Monopoly & Clue

If I had to pick one I would go with Monopoly & Clue! Monopoly was by far my favorite game, plus you get 2 in 1 with that pick. The wooden sets & upgraded pieces look REALLY nice! Each box comes complete with the set as well as instructions. I know monopoly has made MANY different types of versions over the years. They have games for kids younger than 8 (the recommended age for this set), as well as themed sets. Sometimes it’s nice to just play with the original game & rules. If you are looking for some of the different game sets, make sure to check out these REALLY POPULAR versions of board games……

Price: $49.99, Item Number: 1458335

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