Costco Bucketgolf Pro 9-Hole Set, Bucket Golf

Costco sells this Bucketgolf Pro 9-Hole Set for $79.97. Scroll down for photos. The price ends with a .97, which usually means this is a clearance item and won’t be re-stocked. This is a great gift for all the golfers in your life. I was surprised to see this at Costco because it is not an Amazon item, nor an item I have seen on the shelves of many sporting goods stores. This is a highly portable 9-hole golf set, that comes with buckets, balls, tee boxes & flags. It is easy enough for anyone to play, so all the non-golfers can have fun too. It travels well & can be setup almost anywhere. This would work great in backyards, parks, beaches, camping, or any outdoor space with an open area. Here are a few more details about this Costco Bucketgolf Pro set…..

  • Brand: Bucketgolf Pro, Bucket Golf
  • The only game that allows you to play “real golf” in your backyard
  • Easy to learn, great for all levels
  • Allows you to custom design your own golf course
  • Highly portable breakdowns into a small carry bag to play anywhere
  • Perfect for backyards, lawns, yards, parks, beaches, schools, camps, and golf courses
  • Does NOT include golf clubs
  • Includes: 6 balls, 9 buckets, 9 flagsticks, 9 tee-boxes & 1 carrying case

Costco BucketGolf Pro

This is one of those random items that Costco will probably only carry one time. I found this in the Redwood City Costco & did not see it at any of the other 4 Costco’s around me. They tend to have more outdoor items because of the warmer weather. For $80, this would be a great way to get outdoors this summer. This would have been great during COVID, when we were all confined to our own homes. Set this up in the backyard and have a blast. I found this in the center aisle of Costco next to all the other outdoor items. This is not sold on Amazon, so if you would like to purchase it you have to buy it direct from If you want to check out some other HIGHLY RATED portable golf games, make sure to check these out……

Price: $79.97, Item Number: 1659489

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