Costco Burgoyne Cards, Handmade All Occasion Greeting

Costco finally has this Burgoyne Cards in stock for $13.99! Scroll for photos. I think I like this product so much because this has to be one of the best money saving (percentage wise) items at Costco. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to Walgreens, CVS, Walmart or Walgreens & purchased a greeting card for $5 – $10. It’s a time & money waster. Buy this box of handmade all occasion greetings cards & you’ll be ready to go for any occasion! We’re talking birthdays, weddings, baby shower & any other occasion you may need a card. Best of all is you’re only paying about $0.50 per card. Take a look at the photos below & look at the samples. They are high quality cards made with very unique designs. Here are a few more details about these Costco Burgoyne Cards……

  • Burgoyne 25 Handmade All Occasion Greetings Cards
  • Self Sealing Envelopes Included
  • Keepsake Box
  • May Require Extra Postage (heavy because of the high quality)
  • All 25 Cards displayed on the back of the box

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Burgoyne Assorted Greeting Cards at Costco

Seriously, just buy them! The first time you use them you’ll be glad you did. We used to make our own cards with clipart from, but it’s so much easier to buy them! The only thing my wife was disappointed about last time was that I didn’t buy 2! Costco also sells the Burgoyne Handmade Holiday Christmas Cards as well as the Costco Christmas Cards, Hallmark 40 Count Box which were big hits. This is absolutely one of the those items that will be gone soon & you won’t see them for months. I have been looking for these for several months before finally finding them. They will be going on sale soon too so make sure to keep an eye out. If you can’t find them or you just want to look at some other HIGHLY RATED assorted greeting cards, check out the following links below….

Price: $13.99, Item Number: 2006163

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2 thoughts on “Costco Burgoyne Cards, Handmade All Occasion Greeting

    1. Saw them in store at Costco yesterday, so be sure to check your local Costco. They are not available on Costco’s website as of today (1/1/2021). I would keep checking though. If all else fails, you can always check the links found above for some of the All Occasion Greetings Cards. Check your local Costco though. Good luck

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