Costco Callaway Hex Tour Soft Golf Ball 24 Pack

I’m no golfer, but I’m always in search of a good deal. These Costco golf balls are $10 off (or 33% discount) from their normal price & that seems like a great deal to me. These are your Callaway Hex Tour Soft Golf Balls & they come in a 24 pack. “Long off the tee, great control and soft feel” as Callaway would say. These golf balls improve spin separation, so you can hit longer, straighter shots. The soft cover and low compression provide great feel off of every shot. The improved cover creates green-grabbing control so that your shots around the green stop quickly

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Costco Golf Balls

The reviews on Costco’s website are awesome. It scores a 4.7/5 with 536 reviews at the time of this post. Amazon also has great reviews with a 4.6/5. If they are no longer available on Costco’s website or you want to read more reviews, check them out on Amazon…..

Price: $19.99, Item: 1284674

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2 thoughts on “Costco Callaway Hex Tour Soft Golf Ball 24 Pack

  1. Quite frankly, bottom line, very simply..these golf balls are the definition of superb, the apex of excellence, the mountain top of fairwayification!

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