Costco Canon M50 Mirrorless Camera Bundle

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Between this and the Nikon D3500 DSLR Camera 2 Lens Bundle, Costco did a great job picking the camera bundles they offer. This Canon M50 mirrorless bundle has great reviews on Costco’s website (4.7/5) & great reviews on Amazon. As mentioned before, I’m not much of a camera person, so I just wanted to share the deal that was going on at Costco to any potential buyers. Here are a few details about this camera bundle……

  • EOS M50 Camera Body w/ touchscreen LCD
  • EF-M 15 – 45mm f/3.5 – 6.3 IS STM Lens
  • 32GB Class 10 SDHC Memory Card
  • Records in 4K Video
  • Comes with Canon Sling Backpack
  • Free 13 Months Accident Protection
  • $10 off ANY Online Costco Photo Center Order

If you don’t feel like going to Costco or they are sold out on Costco’s website, you can order this product from Amazon for a similar price. Their ratings are very similar to Costco’s, so people really love this camera. You can get the body, lens & SD Card for around the same price. You wouldn’t get the sling backpack with the Amazon purchase but I’m sure you can find it for a low price. Check out the Amazon bundles here…..they have a few different configurations that you may like better than Costco’s……

Price: $499, Item: 1367293

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4 thoughts on “Costco Canon M50 Mirrorless Camera Bundle

  1. Yup! Now this bundle goes in and out of stock on a weekly basis.

    After checking with my local Costco* over the phone, I discovered they only one of these bundles left in-store for $650.00 (matching the online price).

    Since it was a floor model, I asked for a discount. The most they reduced was 10% (-$65) for a new Total of $585.00 (pre-tax).

    After visiting this particular Costco, I spoke with manager who offered I check out the item before buying it (it’s an open box item after all). But when the camera never turned on (using both of the included battery packs)and then they resisted charging camera to check if it works at all, I walked away.

    Good thing I did! I would have been paying $85 above MSRP for a used item.

    They said it would be inconvenient to find an outlet for the test, and said “just buy it and if doesn’t work, come back and return it” complete hassle.

    Like, who would buy an open-box television without verifying whether it turned on or not?

    Thank you for keeping this cite up and running to track price surges!

    *COSTCO #349
    9350 MARSHALL DR

    1. Wow. Thanks for the heads up Roger. Good to know. I’ve never purchased an open-box item before. Good thing to remember to ask for a discount and check whether it works or not. This bundle seems to be popular because I keep seeing it on and off the shelves. You’re right, returning an item during the holidays would be a hassle, but that is the one thing I like about their policy. I probably would have just purchased it without testing, because I know I can always return it. Anyway, I hope you find what you’re looking for. Thanks for the comment

    1. Wow! You’re right. I just checked online & it is $649.99. I wonder if it’s the same in-store. Costco also is selling the Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera 2 Lens Bundle & that is $50 off. It’s $499.99 I’ll be posting that shortly. Thanks for the heads up

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