Costco Cara Cara Oranges 8 lb Bag

These oranges are AMAZING (scroll for photos)! I stopped buying regular oranges for a while because they are generally too acidic for me & end up making my mouth raw, HOWEVER, I am so glad I picked up this bag. They are so sweet, easy to peel & I have yet to have a bad one. They have a pink coloring on the inside, just like a grapefruit, but instead of a bitter tart taste, you get a little slice of sweetness. I went through the 8 pound bag of cara cara oranges in about 4-5 days, so I ended up picking up 2 bags my last trip.

Cara Cara Oranges at Costco

These Cara Cara oranges at Costco are low calorie, fat free & chocked full of vitamins and minerals. Eat one plain, throw it in a salad, eat it with cottage cheese, or juice it for a fresh screwdriver. With coronavirus (COVID-19) in full swing there is no better time to load up on some natural Vitamin-C. You get 8 pounds of fruit for $6.99! That’s less than $1 per pound! They are in season right now so you gotta get them while you can so I can say “Orange ya glad you bought Cara Cara’s?” (Ha! Dad Joke. My wife is permanently rolling her eyes after this one)

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One of the best ways to enjoy these oranges is by juicing them. I’m telling you, if you haven’t tried it, you gotta juice these oranges. If you’re making fresh mimosa’s, you’re guaranteed to impress the crowd. Make sure to grab this AWESOME & simple juicer from Amazon…..

Price: $6.99, Item Number: 31030

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2 thoughts on “Costco Cara Cara Oranges 8 lb Bag

  1. It is 3 weeks that your shop in district in Tustin does not carry cara oranges.also please order rubbing g alcohol

    1. Unfortunately Cara Cara oranges are seasonal & I haven’t seen them in a few weeks either. I haven’t been able to find rubbing alcohol in months. I’ve looked at several Costco’s around me & they always seem to be sold out. I’ll let you know as soon as I see them in stock

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