Costco Cat Litter, Scoop Away Complete Performance

What can I say???……it’s Costco Cat Litter. Best of all, it’s currently on sale! Scroll for photos. Costco carries a couple different brands of cat litter. The other brand I usually see is “Simply Purrfect”. This seems to be the more popular brand. I can tell you that I go into a lot of different houses for work. Some pet owners are not the best at having a clean litter box and/or cleaning up after their pet. This is one of those items that is a must have if you have cats. It helps keep the smell down & it’s much easier to clean out of a littler box vs the floor. This bag, which doesn’t look that big, weighs 42 pounds! Make sure to drink your protein shake before shopping. Anyways, here are a few more details about this Costco Cat Litter….

  • Scoop Away – Complete Performance
  • 99.9% dust free
  • Ammonia Shield Technology
  • Odor Control: 10 days guaranteed
  • Pull out handle on the back
  • Instructions on the back
  • Costco kitty litter

Costco Cat Litter, Scoop Away Kitty Litter

This is the best bang for your buck! Especially with this bag being on sale for under $10. There is no way you will find this cheaper at any of the regular big box stores (Target, Walmart, Amazon, etc.). I can understand though, if you don’t want to buy it in bulk or you don’t like this brand. If you’re looking for a different brand, or you just want to buy a smaller size, or maybe you want it delivered, make sure to check out these links on Amazon……

Price: $9.69 (Sale), $12.99 (Regular), Item Number: 506958

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