Costco Christmas Cards, Burgoyne Handmade Holiday Cards

These Costco Christmas Cards are AMAZING! Scroll for photos! Let me start by sayin we have purchased this brand (Burgoyne) in the past & they are some high quality cards. We purchased the “Costco Handmade All Occasion Greeting Cards” & we loved them. They are so convenient to have lying around for any occasions that pop up. Anyways, Costco now has the Christmas/Holiday card set. I just posted about the “Costco Christmas Cards, Hallmark 40 Count Box” & while those are good, these are GREAT. You pay a few more dollars for this set but I think it’s worth it. With the Hallmark set you get 40 cards for $14.99; in this set you get 30 cards for $19.99. The difference is these are handmade & of the highest quality. They had a sample book out at Costco to look at, so I did a side by side with the Hallmark set. The Burgoyne is better! They are both high quality boxes of cards, but I prefer this one. Here are a few more details about this product…….

  • Burgoyne Brand: 30 Count Handmade Cards
  • Self Sealing Envelopes Included
  • Postage Required
  • 30 different card designs w/ matching envelopes
  • Scroll for photos to see designs

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Costco Christmas Cards, Burgoyne Handmade Holiday

If you take a look at the photos, even the envelopes are unique. It’s not your standard plain white or brown envelope. They match the cards. If you see them at your local Costco & are interested, just grab them. You won’t be disappointed & neither will the recipient. The nice thing about not having similar cards is you won’t have to worry about any confusion when sending out the cards. They will all be different. If you are unable to find these ate your local Costco or just want to check out different styles (handmade cards), make sure to look at these Christmas Holiday Card Boxes on Amazon………

Price: $19.99, Item Number: 2006001

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16 thoughts on “Costco Christmas Cards, Burgoyne Handmade Holiday Cards

  1. Do not buy these cards unless you are willing to spend $1.20 to 1.50 postage per card (2021 rates). EVERY one of these cards required extra postage for weight and bulk. I brought the cards to the USPS post office and not one could get mailed with just a regular stamp. This has been a very expensive year for Christmas cards.

    It is dishonest for Costco to say “may require additional postage.” They ALL required additional postage. While cute, it was definitely not worth all of that extra money.

    1. Sorry to hear. I’ve had luck in the past with the Burgoyne cards being mailed with just 1 stamp. That usually included 1 bill or 1 gift card and nothing else. I have a scale and they were EXACTLY 1 ounce. This set may have been bulky enough to require 2 stamps which is unfortunate because that is over $1.00 just to mail the card. Sorry for your bad experience

    1. Haven’t seen them yet, but I’m looking for them too! These are usually very popular so I expect to see them soon. Let me know if you find them & if I find them I’ll post them. I’ll put a link in this post to the new ones as well. Good luck!

  2. I mailed all 30 of them — just put 2 stamps on each and they all arrived safe and sound. I even put a gift card in a few of them. Sorry you had so much trouble.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I think that is what might frustrate a few people. It costs an extra $17.40 just to mail out the 30 cards. Pretty annoying when the cards only cost $19.99. Even if you still need to use 2 stamps, it’s totally worth it because these cards are EXPENSIVE individually. Anyways, thanks for stopping by

  3. I love and hate these cards. I mailed only 18 cards all local in California and it cost nearly 56$ to send as they are bulky and need to be sent as a “parcel”. Six of them did not make it unharmed as they jammed the postal machines and were torn. I wish I could post photos so you can see. I have the receipts from post office and photos of cards arrive completely damaged. But I will say they are amazing cards and the best I’ve ever handed out. Super nice quality. Better for in person delivery for sure though!

    1. Roman, sorry to hear. We have not had that experience, but that is terrible. I would be very disappointed as well. Do you send the card only? or are there gift cards inside? That could definitely make it expensive & cut into the cost savings of buying this box. I’d like to see some of the photos if you don’t mind. You can send them to [email protected] & I would be happy to post them. Thanks for the comment Roman & sorry for the bad experience

  4. BEST CARDS EVER! Loved them, better than any cards they have ever carried. I hope they keep getting cards from BURGOYNE. THANK YOU COSTCO, love this product.

    1. They really are! Costco only carries the Burgoyne certain times a year so we make sure to grab them whenever we see them. We usually grab 2 boxes of the “All Occasion Greeting Cards” because we seem to go through those so quickly! It’s just SOOOOOO convenient (and MUCH cheaper) to have this box of cards in the house. You are pretty much prepared for any occasion or event (Card & some cash =) ). Thanks for the comment Christine!

  5. YAS! I just got these yesterday and am addicted. I can’t wait until Christmas to use these and get a lot of compliments!

    1. Did they require extra postage? I don’t want to mail them with one 1st class stamp and get it returned back to me.

      1. My wife has sent a dozen of these cards out & never had an issue. The official rule is anything over 1 ounce is supposed to require extra postage. I took several cards out and weighed them on my USB scale & they are EXACTLY 1 ounce. So long as you don’t add anything to the card you should be OK. The reason they say “may require extra postage” is because people may add gift cards or cash, thus increasing the weight. Burgoyne wanted to put that disclaimer on the box. But like I said, my wife has never had a card returned, so we will keep using 1 stamp. I hope that helps.

        1. Are you speaking about the Burgonye handmade cards, many of which are lumpy, and slightly oversied being one stamp only with nothing additional added? I weighed amd found them to be at 1 oz and many slightly over. 1 stamp would be great news!

          1. Yes. Those are the cards I am talking about. Burgoyne makes both the holiday cards & the handcrafted assorted cards. While you describe them as lumpy, I would say they are unique. The cards have such elaborate designs on them that make them a little bigger than the average card. We’ve always been able to send the card with 1 stamp & have not had 1 returned yet. I hope that helps. Thanks for the comment. Happy Holidays

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