Costco Citrus Peppercorn Spatchcock Chicken

Looking for a simple & easy meal? This pre-seasoned spatchcock chicken (chicken spread flat with the spine removed aka butterflied) is the perfect dinner. It’s tasty, healthy, & easy to make. It comes with grapefruit slices & oregano for the perfect presentation. The chicken used has no antibiotics ever & no hormones added. While it’s baking or BBQ’ing make some rice & veggies to go on the side. C’mon, look at the photo on the grill. Don’t you wanna try it? At only $3.99/lb, the price is hard to beat.

Price: $3.99 / pound, Item: 11833

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10 thoughts on “Costco Citrus Peppercorn Spatchcock Chicken

  1. i ate it and it was bitter and almost made me throw up.. ewe.. it says sell by 6/15/2021 so i cooked it just yesterday. Why does it smell like cheese?? Is it suppose to? Tried to finish but couldnt’ do it. Threw away half the chicken.

    1. I’ve never had that issue. I’ve purchased this at least a dozen times & never had an issue. I usually take it out and throw it on the BBQ for about an hour & it comes out perfect every time. Did it smell bad? It could just be that you don’t like the flavor, although it shouldn’t smell like cheese. Sorry you had a bad experience with it.

    2. OMG, I bought the same thing and it is something terrible. Out of the bag it stunk but I cooked it in the BBQ anyway. An hour later it tried it and it was bad. This is just bad bad bad. It stunk up my BBQ now and I’m trying to burn the smell away. No joke, flies started swarming when I threw this in the garbage bin outside. I feel like this was bad. I only took one bite, Hope I don’t get sick. I wonder if Costco would give me my money back. Since I didn’t keep the chicken or the bag it came in. Ugh

      1. That’s so surprising to me. I’ve cooked this chicken at least a dozen times without issue. My wife & I love it. Like I said above, I throw it on the BBQ for about an hour and it comes out perfect. We love the flavor too! I don’t doubt you had a bad experience, it’s just that we never had a bad chicken. Maybe you are right & that it went bad before you even opened it. Anyways, thanks for sharing.

  2. Are you guys out of your mind? 4$/lb is ridiculous for bone-in chicken.

    You can literally get a whole chicken cooked there for five bucks in the very same store or raw for a dollar a lb and cut it on both ends of the chest bone so it lays flat.

    1. Yes…. $4 a pound is expensive. But it’s a tasty bird that is so easy. All I have to do is throw it on the BBQ for 45 minutes, make rice & veggies & I’ve got a meal for 4. There are some nights I don’t feel like cutting the spine out & seasoning it……all for it not to taste quite as good. I’m willing to pay a couple of bucks more for convenience. When you compare it to a meal out or delivery, this is WAY cheaper & probably better for you. So it’s all about perspective. Thanks for the comment

    1. It seems to come and go. I’ll see it for months & then it’s gone. They’ve had a few different flavors and they’re all tasty. Glad you like it. It is a really simple & quick meal

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