Costco Citrus Peppercorn Spatchcock Chicken

Looking for a simple & easy meal? This pre-seasoned spatchcock chicken (chicken spread flat with the spine removed aka butterflied) is the perfect dinner. It’s tasty, healthy, & easy to make. It comes with grapefruit slices & oregano for the perfect presentation. The chicken used has no antibiotics ever & no hormones added. While it’s baking or BBQ’ing make some rice & veggies to go on the side. C’mon, look at the photo on the grill. Don’t you wanna try it? At only $3.99/lb, the price is hard to beat.

Price: $3.99 / pound, Item: 11833

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6 thoughts on “Costco Citrus Peppercorn Spatchcock Chicken

  1. Are you guys out of your mind? 4$/lb is ridiculous for bone-in chicken.

    You can literally get a whole chicken cooked there for five bucks in the very same store or raw for a dollar a lb and cut it on both ends of the chest bone so it lays flat.

    1. Yes…. $4 a pound is expensive. But it’s a tasty bird that is so easy. All I have to do is throw it on the BBQ for 45 minutes, make rice & veggies & I’ve got a meal for 4. There are some nights I don’t feel like cutting the spine out & seasoning it……all for it not to taste quite as good. I’m willing to pay a couple of bucks more for convenience. When you compare it to a meal out or delivery, this is WAY cheaper & probably better for you. So it’s all about perspective. Thanks for the comment

    1. It seems to come and go. I’ll see it for months & then it’s gone. They’ve had a few different flavors and they’re all tasty. Glad you like it. It is a really simple & quick meal

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