Costco Coupon Book November 2021, Member Only Savings

**Costco Holiday Savings Coupons 2021, Black Friday Cyber Monday**

Costco just mailed out their Coupon Book for November 2021. Scroll down for photos. This is one of the last in-store coupon books Costco will be mailing out this year. There are plenty of great ideas for holiday gifts in this book & I recommend to buy them earlier than later. With all the supply chain issues we are facing right now, I don’t want to be caught late December trying to finish up my Christmas shopping. There’s also some items you may be interested in for Thanksgiving too. The sale’s can be found in-store and online and start October 27, 2021 & go through November 21, 2021. It ends exactly 1 week before Thanksgiving, so make sure to mark your calendars. Anyways, here are a few items I’m interested in for this Costco Coupon Book November 2021……

  • Mikasa Trellis Bone China, Item Number: 1516209. Our dishes our reaching their end of life being chipped and cracked. This would be a great way to upgrade our dishes at an affordable price.
  • LG CordZero A916 Cordless Stick Vacuum, Item Number: 2270001. We have the Dyson V6 which isn’t as efficient as it used to be. Looking to upgrade our cordless vacuum to one of these new ones
  • FoodSaver Multi-Use Food Preservation System, Item Number: 2248298. I posted about this a while back. Click here. The people who have them, love them. This would be a great way to store food in case of any shortages.
  • Little Giant MegaLite MultiPurpose Ladder, Item Number: 1193851. Great ladder & a great price! We own one of these and love it. Having the fully extended 17′ reach feature is wonderful!
  • Feit Electric 48′ LED String Lights, Item Number: 710090. I see these lights everywhere. They are very popular in backyards and outdoor patios. They go on sale a couple times a year
  • Starbucks Organic Winter Blend Whole Coffee, Item Number: 1322908. It’s that time of year. For all you coffee lovers out there, get this seasonal blend while you can. It’s whole bean so just stock up and freeze it!
  • Kinder’s Organic The Blend Seasoning, Item Number: 1369768. We use this stuff on EVERYTHING & it goes great. I will be buying a couple of these next time I go. $1 off!
  • YouTheory Ashwagandha and/or Collagen. Items: 1347221 & 597726. People who use these products swear by them. They are very popular & it would be great to stock up

Costco Coupon Book November 2021, Member Only Savings 10/27/2021 – 11/21/2021

There are some great items in this book to prepare for the holidays & the upcoming winter. That Brookstone Heated throw blanket would make for a great gift for yourself or even somebody else. There are a total of 22 pages, so make sure to look through each one carefully to get your deals! As promised here are the photos……

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