Costco Dog Advent Calendar 2021, Delca & Wet Noses

Costco sells this 2021 Dog Advent Calendar for $34.99. Scroll down for photos. These dog advent calendars sold out quickly last year, so make sure to get yours while you can. This year’s calendar includes 16 treats as well as 8 toys. I thought that was a nice change, so your dog isn’t getting treats every night. Just like us, your furry ones probably gain a few holiday pounds with all the extra food they probably get. It’s nice to break up the calendar with a few toys instead of all treats. It comes out to about $1.50 per day, which isn’t bad considering how expensive toys and treats can be. Make sure to grab one, so your dog can be part of the holidays too! Here are a few more details about this Costco Dog Advent Calendar for 2021…….

  • Brand: Delca & Wet Noses
  • 24 Total Days: 16 Treat + 8 Bags of Toys
  • Toys Include: Cotton Rope, Tennis Ball, TPR Ball, Vinyl Ball (2)
  • Treat Ingredients on Back
  • 25 ounces of treats

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Costco Delca & Wet Noses Dog Advent Calendar, 8 Toys / 25 oz. Treats

Last year Costco sold the dog advent calendar made by Irish Dog Foods. I’ve been contacted by a few people that really enjoyed that & hoped they brought it back again. Unfortunately, that is not the case & this is the 2021 advent calendar for dogs. I think this new one is great because of the addition of toys. That’s just me though. I found this in the pet section of Costco. This is a seasonal item & an in-store only item. This would make a great gift for a dog or if you know someone with a dog. If you can’t find this at Costco, or you want to check out some other HIGHLY RATED dog advent calendars, make sure to check these out……..

Price: $34.99, Item Number: 1561366

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26 thoughts on “Costco Dog Advent Calendar 2021, Delca & Wet Noses

  1. We think some/one of the treats caused our dog to have seizures. After opening it at the end of November, our dog had a few seizures in mid December. We are not 100% this caused it but I ended up tossing out all the treats and she has not had a seizure since I got rid of them.

    1. Oh…so sorry to hear about that. That’s terrible. Probably best to toss even if you suspect it may be the treats. Did you contact the manufacturer? How has the dog been since?

      1. I did throw all the treats away last week, but she had a seizure today so now we know it’s not from the treats

        1. Sorry to hear! Thanks for the update. Hopefully you end up getting the seizures under control. Our dog had seizures before he passed. It can be quite frightening if you’ve never dealt with it before

  2. I was so excited. My dog is all about the toys but so far minus minor interest in the jerky he won’t eat the treats. He just left them. He’s never met a treat he didn’t like. Very odd.

    1. You’re not the first to say that, so maybe there was some stale batches in the mix. Last year’s seemed to get far better reviews. Thanks for letting us know

  3. Do not give this to your dog. My dog refused the treats, Thank goodness. My mom’s dog had an allergic reaction and face swelled, my friends dog had a seizure after day 7.

    1. So sorry to hear. That’s never fun when your furry one has a bad reaction. Did you contact Wet Noses to let them know? Do you know which treat it was that caused the issue?

  4. Ours had treats that were as hard as rocks. Seriously. Our dog could not chew them. I was wondering why he was spitting them out. So I picked one up to break it in half for him and it wouldn’t budge. I tried a knife and I couldn’t get the knife through it. I hit it with a meat pounder and finally a small piece broke off. Treats we’re just all dried out and as hard as rocks. The toys were cute

    1. Bummer. Sorry to hear. I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience. You could always take it back if it’s that bad

  5. I bought one and we just went to open number 2 and didn’t have one. We have duplicate numer 19 though. I wonder how to get ahold of them to get a number 2 box as I plan on using next year to fill myself.

    1. Hi Kris. That is weird there was no number 2 box. It sounds like your not the only one to experience this. You can always email Delca & Wet Noses & see what they say. Maybe they’ll send you a new one for free. They can be reached at [email protected]

        1. These are still in stock in the Bay Area, CA. They are probably going to be off the shelves soon since the advent calendars should have started by now. Ask your local Costco to look up the item number. Hope that helps

  6. We started ours today, but some of the dates appear to be empty. Is that right? Should I return it to my Costco?

    1. No there are some
      Blanks but ours had no day 1! It had two 17’s tho . My husband was stumped. Collectors item is getting gobbled up ‍♀️

      1. Interesting. So it really is a surprise. Maybe you get 0 gifts. Maybe you get 2! =). Ha! Jokes aside, that does seem like a quality control issue. Not a HUGE deal, but I would be annoyed too.

    2. Empty?! That’s terrible. No, there should be a treat or toy in every door. That is odd to have an empty door. Poor doggo is missing out on his advent calendar

    1. I’m not 100% sure. I believe I saw on a post somewhere the Canada has the Irish Dog Foods Calendar & the USA has this one. I’m not 100% sure on that though. Last year, we had the Irish Dog Foods & this year we have the Delca & Wet Noses. Let me know if you do find it, or which brand you have. Thanks

  7. Thank you for the update! Time to head to Costco to get it while it’s still there! I think the addition of toys is great and hopefully my dog will enjoy this one as much as he did the last one. Appreciate you doing the research and letting us know about the new calendar.

    1. Ya. Please let me know how you like it! We would have purchased one, but our furry little friend left us a couple years ago. It should be on the shelves for a while so hopefully you find them. I saw them at all the Costco’s around me so it shouldn’t be warehouse specific. Glad to help!

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