Costco Dynatrap, Mosquito / Insect Trap w/ 2 UV Bulbs

Costco sells this Dynatrap Insect Trap for $77.99. Scroll down for photos. I find that these Dynatrap’s work great. To me the proof is in the machine. When you go to empty it out and you see thousand of dead insects, it must be working. If you take the time to sift through the bin, you will find mosquito’s. As long it continues to catch mosquito’s, I’m going to sing its praises. If you’re really trying to stop mosquito’s, you’re best bet is to make sure there is no standing water nearby & that there isn’t any junk / debris where they could lay their eggs. I feel this isn’t going to kill EVERY mosquito around you, but it’s going to get plenty. This is just another device to use along with candles, repellent & nets. Here are a few more details about this Costco DynaTrap…….

  • Brand: DynaTrap
  • Protects up to ½ Acre
  • Provides Powerful 3-way Protection Against Insects like Mosquitoes, Biting Flies, House Flies, Sand Flies, Blow Flies, Drain Flies, Flies, Moths, No-See-Ums, June Beetles, Wasps, Yellow Jackets, Stink Bugs, Gnats, and Biting Midges
  • All-Weather Construction
  • Effectively attracts and traps a variety of flying insects
  • Whisper-quiet trap provides powerful 3-way protection for your home
  • Can be placed on flat surfaces or hung from a hook for versatile placement
  • Stylish Bronze Sonata Design blends in with your outdoor décor
  • Twist On/Off feature ensures insects are securely held within the trap

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Costco DynaTrap 1/2 Acre Copper Insect and Mosquito Trap with 2 Replacement Bulbs

Now this is going to be the best deal around. When you do your price comparison shopping, make sure to keep in mind that this comes with 2 bulbs! It’s the bulbs that are $10 – $20 each. Most places sell this kit for a minimum of $100. Costco has it for only $77.99! I found this in the middle section of Costco next to all the other outdoor items. They even sell it on for $84.99. That’s only $7 more for shipping & handling, which is a pretty good deal. There are no reviews yet from, but you can read all about it on Amazon. They also have some other HIGHLY RATED models that you can look at that might better fit your needs…….

Price: $77.99, Item Number: 1572124

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2 thoughts on “Costco Dynatrap, Mosquito / Insect Trap w/ 2 UV Bulbs

    1. Sorry to hear. Have you tried getting the mosquito magnet lure? This seems to work much better for the mosquitos. These have a bunch of good reviews, so they seem to work for some people. Let me know if the lure ends up working.

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