Costco Electric Pressure Washer, Husqvarna 2000 PSI

Costco sells this Husqvarna powered electric pressure washer for $189.99! Scroll down for photos. Costco only sells a few pressure washer at a time & this is the most compact one I have seen. I am seriously considering buying this because I think it is perfect for the average homeowner. Yes, it’s only 2000 PSI (as opposed to the old 1900 PSI one Costco used to sell), but that is plenty for most peoples basic home needs. You can clean your fence, BBQ, vehicles, bikes, driveway, walkways, etc. The best part is you don’t have to worry about gas or fumes because it’s electric. That also means you don’t have to worry about adding fuel stabilizer or change the oil! Plug it in and go. It’s compact so it stores nicely & it’s made by a quality company….Husqvarna. Here are a few more details about this Costco Electric Pressure Washer………

  • Husqvarna Electric Pressure Washer
  • Model: PW2000
  • 1.2 GPM Max Flow
  • 25 Foot Hose Included
  • Quick Connect Spray Tip & Turbo Nozzle
  • Brushless Induction Motor
  • Detergent Tank
  • Quick Release Lock
  • 1 Year Warranty

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Costco Husqvarna 2000 PSI Electric Powered Pressure Washer

I think after writing this article I’m going to bite the bullet & purchase it. There are no reviews I can find on this product because it is so now. It appears to be a Costco specific item because there are no manuals/documentation on Husqvarna’s website. I’ve been wanted a pressure washer for a while & I was going to buy the Costco Husqvarna 3100 PSI Gas Pressure Washer, but I didn’t want the gas. This seems like the perfect alternative, plus I really like the size. That box is small for a pressure washer, so I know it folds up nicely. If I do buy it, I will come back & review the product. If any of you have purchased this specific product, please let me know how you like it! Anyways, make sure to pick up some HIGHLY RATED detergent for the tank……..

Price: $189.99, Item Number: 1600349

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21 thoughts on “Costco Electric Pressure Washer, Husqvarna 2000 PSI

  1. Does anyone know where to get parts? I have one and the part where the hose connects to (I assume) the pump broke off- as in the metal mounts that hold the piece where the hose attaches snapped. It does not look like Husqvarna actually makes this one, at least on their website. Do yall think it is a total loss?

  2. Just got myself one of these, and used it ti power wash our deck. Worked perfectly, no issues. Unit seems to be solid. Time will tell. I didn’t use any soap with it this time, just plain water. What kind of soap would you use in this ?

  3. costco pw 2000 quit while being used will not start now not power supply. does this thing have a safety device built in it some where that could be the problem?

  4. Picked one up yesterday and put it to work immediately. Paid $189 at my Costco in New Orleans, LA. Most electric pressure washers are not made to last. In general it should be placed in shade and given some rest every 5 minutes so the internal oil can cool of you and want it to last more than a year or 2. Its annoying but hey it’s excuse for a cold beverage of choice I guess. Seems well made and good output so far.

    1. Glad it’s working great for you. I’ve had mine for a while now and never had an issue. I do clean it and take good care of it, but no leaks & no pressure issues. Thanks for chiming in

    1. Thanks for posting Mike! I think that’s a great deal. Please come back and let me know how you like it. I’ve mentioned this one too many times, but I love mine!

  5. I tried different outlets to different 20A breakers and tripped them all. That means it starts by drawing more than the 13A it’s described and it doesn’t fail for those with well distributed newer breaker boxes..
    Seems to me, this should be a disclosure on the manufacturer. Maybe that’s why it’s on Sale at Costco?

    1. Hi Mauricio. I’ve used it on several 20 amps circuits at home & work without issue. I never tripped the breaker once. Is there a possibility you have other devices (refrigerator, computer, chargers, etc) on that breaker? It could be you already have a draw on the circuit, so when the device starts up and draws the 13 amps it trips the breaker. Do you possibly have it on a 15 amp breaker? Let me know if you find a solution

  6. I just purchased this and like it so far. I have a gas and it’s started to leave from side of the pump.

    I was trying to get some info from Costco website but after I purchased it at store Costco online took three listing. What is the black spray connector used for? Sadly it didn’t come with white which is safe for car washing.

    1. Hi Mansoor. The black tip is the “detergent” spray tip. The green spray tip should be safe for cars / boats. Here it is from the manual……

      For intense cleaning, whirls a powerful pin-point jet of water, select turbo spray tip. For general rinsing, ideal for most all purpose
      cleaning such as home siding, brick patios, wood
      decks, driveways and sidewalks, garage floors,
      etc., select 15° yellow spray tip. For gentle cleaning of cars/trucks, boats, RV’s, patio furniture, lawn equipment, etc., select 25° green spray tip. To apply detergent, applies project specific cleaners to help break down stubborn dirt and grime on a variety of surfaces, select black detergent spray tip.

      Hope that helps! Glad you like it!

  7. Picked this up today and will give it a try. Hoping it’s less noisy and noticeably more pressure than my cheap greenworks pressure washer.

    1. I love it! Used it about half a dozen times already with no issue. I still wear ear protection, but I found it to be MUCH quieter than its gas counterparts. Let me know how you like it. I believe it just went on sale too! Marked down about $40 – $50….can’t remember. I’m debating whether or not to get a price adjustment, but it’s already been a couple months. I know Costco has a great policy about that, but I want to make sure I never abuse it. Anyways, let me know how you like it!

  8. This electric pressure washer has a problem with the total stop system in that the pressure washer will sometimes not run after a short period of rest. It doesn’t matter if you relieve pressure side when shutting it off or not. When you attempt to trigger the system multiple times in hopes to get it running again, it will even trip a 20A breaker. Motors have surge currents when starting, but if the motor doesn’t begin to spin then the power load continues and your thermal breaker will trip. Brushless (induction) sounds good until you realize that brushed armatures deliver significantly more start-up torque. Even in with three-phase induction motors there is a startup brush circuit that disengages, mechanically, when the motor gets to a specific velocity. After that, the induction system is more than sufficient to keep the inertia and even add to it under load.
    This is a real deal breaker for this particular pressure washer as the Ryobi does not exhibit this behavior and it’s also an induction system. All motors are not the same

    1. Thanks a lot for the information Greg. I appreciate it. I have used my pressure washer 5 – 6 times now without issue. I have used it at work & at home & never had an issue with tripping circuit breakers. I’m no electrician but I did fix up some wiring in my house. I’ve got the “Square D by Schneider Electric QO120PDFC QO Plug-On Neutral 20 Amp Single-Pole Dual Function (CAFCI and GFCI) Circuit Breaker” which are both Arc-Fault & Ground-Fault Breakers. I never had them trip once. I understand what you mean about the motor spinning up when you squeeze the trigger. I had about a 1 second delay (less than) every time I stopped pressure washing, but no issues with the motor stopping and starting. Thanks for the comment & let me know if you figure out if there is an issue

  9. Thanks for posting photos: Kinda disappointing that it was “Assembled in China” per your photo. I was hoping that since it was a Husky and other people calling it a Briggs & Stratton, that it would be US-made.

    1. Ya. It’s really hard to find electronic products like this to be Made in the USA. I’m with you on that. It would be nice, but as long as the product is quality and the company stands behind their product/warranty, I’m OK with that. Plus it’s Costco, so I can always return it if I’m disappointed. I’m happy so far with it. I’ll keep you updated

    1. The power cord is long! It’s about 35 feet. I’ve used this twice now with no issues. It’s really convenient being that small & electric. I’m about to use it to clean an indoor bathroom that has small grout joints everywhere. I don’t feel like hand scrubbing, so we’re going to see how this works out. I’ll keep the pressure low so I don’t blow out the grout joints =). Hope that information helps

    1. I did! Just bought it 1 week ago. It finally came back in stock & is sitting on my garage floor in the box still. I’m excited to open it, but I have about 2-3 house projects to finish before I’ll let myself play with the new toy. I’ll come back & post an update as soon as I get it fired up. I’m a little hesitant because 1) it’s electric 2) people seem to be having issues with the Husqvarna pressure washer. We’ll see how it goes though

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