Costco Emperor Napoleon Dragon XO Brandy France 750ML

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I don’t normally venture into the alcohol section unless its the holidays or we’re gearing up for a BBQ, but I couldn’t help but notice this bottle of alcohol. As you can see it comes in this very fancy bottle shaped like a dragon. It’s actually really impressive to see the bottle in person & will probably be hard to recycle after finishing it. It is “Emperor Napoleon Brandy XO” & it is 40% alcohol by volume. It is made in France & contains 750ml. Too bad they didn’t have one on display (without foam) so I could see the entirety of the dragon. If you look close enough you can get a good idea of what it would look like. I’m not a huge brandy fan but I imagine this would be a great gift for someone who is. With alcohol consumption going up as the corona-virus (COVID-19) rages on, this may not be a bad purchase. If anyone has tried this out please leave a comment & let me know how it is. Thanks!

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4 thoughts on “Costco Emperor Napoleon Dragon XO Brandy France 750ML

    1. Unfortunately you can not purchase this online from Costco. You can purchase it from other vendors online. If you do live near a Costco, but you don’t have a membership you can still purchase alcohol at Costco. In many states it is illegal to have a club based membership to purchase alcohol, so they require Costco to allow EVERYONE to purchase alcohol. You can get a day membership pass at registration and purchase ONLY alcohol. It depends on which state you live in but I would definitely check if there is a Costco near you. I hope that helps. Good luck

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