Costco Artic Cool, Cooling Face Gaiter, 2 Pack

Along with the Costco face masks, I also have a few face gaiters / neck gaiters. The nice thing about these is the ability to wear it all day & simply slide it up and down over your nose & mouth as you please (scroll for photos). I’ve worn several different face gaiters and face masks & I think I prefer these over the face masks. It really comes down to convenience for me. I tend to shove the mask in my pocket or misplace it when not in use. These can just hang around the neck when not in use & I got used to it pretty quickly. Just like the face masks, they tend to move around when talking or they can simply slide down over your head if not worn high enough. Grab a pack if you see them. They are a few dollars more expensive than the face masks.

Costco Face Gaiters / Neck Gaiters

I find these just as breathable as the “32 degrees” face masks. Because of the spandex, it seems to stretch into my mouth when talking, but that’s OK because they’re easily washable. Here are a few more details about these face gaiters………

  • Limit: None seen
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Ultralight polyester & spandex
  • Multi-functional gaiter
  • 2 Total: 1 Gray & 1 Black

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I much prefer these over the cotton or cloth type masks. These are very breathable & versatile. On top of being used as a mask there are several other ways this gaiter can be used. See the photos for all the different ways to wear it. It’s also designed to keep you cool & protected from the sun, which is a nice bonus feature. Right now the main purpose is to stay safe during this pandemic (COVID-19). If you can’t find these face gaiters at Costco, please check out these face gaiters / neck gaiters on Amazon………

Price: $19.99, Item Number: 1454138

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