Costco Firman Generator 2000W Peak 1600W Run

Costco sells this 2000W Firman Generator for $449.99! Scroll down for photos. This is a great deal for a 2000W generator. I know Harbor Freight sells their Predator brand 2000W generator for $499.99. I can’t speak on the quality of the Firman generator because I own a Honda 2200W Companion. But if you looks at Costco’s website they currently have about 5 Firman generator’s with some very good reviews. These generator are a must now with the PG&E rolling blackouts. It’s a quick & easy source of power to keep your refrigerator running. Check out my post on the Firman Power Dual Fuel Generator 7500 to see my setup. These 2000W generator have plenty of power to run your refrigerator and lights. They’re light, portable & easy to maintain. Here are a few more details about this Costco Firman Generator……

  • Brand: Firman 2000W Peak, 16000W Running
  • Whisper Quiet at 54dB
  • L5-30P to TT-30R Adapter (Ready for RV Hook Up)
  • USB Outlet, L530R and 520R
  • 0.9 Gallon Tank, Up to 9 Hours Run Time
  • 2 Parallel Cables, Ready to Pair w/Other FIRMAN Inverters Double Your Power
  • 3 Year Warranty

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Costco Firman Inverter Generator 2000W Peak/1600W Run

I’m a huge fan of this size generator. They are powerful enough to run my entire house (minus the 220W appliances), yet portable enough to bring to a park for a jumpy house. They are easy to maintain & don’t require much fuel. It takes less than a gallon to fill the tank & it will run up to 9 hours. There was only 1 review on Costco’s website but it was good. The customer needed a High-Altitude carburetor jet & the company supplied it without issue. If I didn’t already have my Honda 2200 I would seriously consider this one. If you want to comparison shop, make sure to check out these other HIGHLY RATED generators……..

Price: $449.99, Item Number: 1682000

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8 thoughts on “Costco Firman Generator 2000W Peak 1600W Run

    1. Sorry to hear Bruce. What kind of troubleshooting did you do? It’s unfortunate, because I see these at my local Costco & it’s a great price point for the generator. It’s got the 30 amp port as well as the parallel option. It even comes with a few adapters & is less than half the price of the Honda 2200. However, if you can’t get it to run consistently, it doesn’t make sense. Did you end up going with another generator. I recommend the Yamaha SC2300I currently on for $549. My pops has 2 and he runs them without issue. Also has the 30 amp out. Let me know what you decide

  1. I bought a Firman 2000W inverter generator 2 – 3 months ago when they were on sale at Costco for $350 or so.

    It works great and any motor oil filling trouble by another commentator here is total BS.
    Just tilt it back and prop it up so that it’s at a proper angle and there is no problem whatsoever pouring in proper amount of oil.

    Comments like he made here are silly and makes the rest of his commentary in doubt.

    1. Thanks for chiming in Arturo. Glad to hear when people have a good experience with these generators. They are a GREAT deal when they go on sale too. How do you like your so far? About how many hours have you run it & have you had any issues? Able to do a load test? Thanks!

  2. Thank you: I will do that since I have waisted so much time with this thing. I would hope COSTCO would take a closer look at their suppliers of these type of products.
    I did tell the rep it sure is quiet though!

    1. Ya, sorry to hear. It is frustrating when an expensive piece of equipment like that doesn’t work right out of the box. I really think you’ll like the Yamaha’s. If you buy them, please come back & let me know how they are!

  3. I bought this generator and can not get the thing to start! Firman was no help at all. I tried to register this and could not. Could not tell if the first number was a 5 or a 6 even under a magnifier. Also if you can not upload your receipt they will not honor the warranty. When I told the rep about it, he said Bring it back to COSTCO and hung up.
    In trying to start it I checked the spark plug. Good luck getting the wire off the top and out of the way. It’s a knuckle buster. Also be careful filling the oil compartment. It is at such an angle that the oil will drain back out. It’s not in the manual but the first rep I talked to said to put a 2×4 under that side to prevent this. The price is great compared to others but what good is that if it will not run and no support from manufacturer.

    1. Sorry to hear. That’s a real bummer by Firman. As stated in my other posts, I purchased the Honda 2200 for around $1,000. I paid a pretty penny for it, but I’ve had ZERO issues using it. When I need it, it’s to power the house in case of outages, so I don’t want to be fiddling with it. My pops just purchased 2 of the Yamaha’s SC2300I on They are $499 & he’s only fired them up a couple of times, but has had no issues with them. If the Firman is that much of a problem already, maybe it’s best to return them back to Costco & grab the Yamaha’s (4.6/5 rating with 800+ reviews). They’re not always on Costco’s website either so if you want them grab them now. Let me know what you end up deciding…..

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