Costco Firman Power Dual Fuel Generator 7500 Running Watts

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This caught my eye on the last day of its sale. This Firman generator from Costco is on sale right now for $599 after $100 off. It regularly sells anywhere from $800 to $1100 online. After our power was shut off with PG&E’s public safety power shutoff (PSPS), there wasn’t a generator to be found within 100 miles (At least not the 10 stores I checked). I would have snapped this up in an instant, had I been prepared. This generator has a 4.3/5 rating on Costco’s website with 243 reviews. That’s good but not great which is why I ended up with a Honda EU2200IC.

** Please continue reading if you want to know about my current generator/backup power setup for my home**

Here are some of the specifications of this generator……..

  • Runs on Gasoline or Propane Fuel, for Flexibility On the Road or During Emergencies
  • 9400 Starting Watts / 7500 Running Watts – Gas
  • 8450 Starting Watts / 6750 Running Watts – LPG
  • Fuel capacity: 8 gallons
  • Up to 12 hour runtime
  • Heavy duty wheel kit for easy maneuverability
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Model Number: H07552

Costco Firman Generator

There is a lot more information on this generator so feel free to browse the manual and the specification sheet below ……

So…….about my generator setup. After many hours of research, I am very pleased with my purchase. Quite simply, I went with the Honda EU2200IC 2200-Watt Companion Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator. The main reason for this was I needed it to power a small home (~1400 square feet), be mobile, last forever & have a 30 amp outlet. With power outages that happen frequently enough & a screaming baby at home, we can’t be without power for very long. When the power goes out, I shutoff my main breaker, turn on my 30 amp backup power circuit breaker, I get the generator, plug in the 30 amp cable to my Reliance Controls 30 amp non-metallic power inlet box & I’ve got power (30+ amp devices do not work….so no oven or dryer). As long as we’re responsible with power usage, there’s no issues. It power’s our refrigerator, freezer, internet, TV’s, lights & most important the white noise and bottle warmer for our kid! It’s no Firman with the 7500 running watts (would easily power our whole house), but I wanted something small, mobile & powerful.

Yes the Honda EU2200IC was expensive, but I usually only need it when the weather is bad or for long periods of time. I didn’t feel like purchasing a generator that didn’t have a long reputation of quality. Here are the links to my generator, Reliance Controls 30 amp non-metallic power inlet box, power cord & adapter………

There’s a few more details on installation and a few more pieces of equipment you need but that’s the gist of it. Hopefully I’ll get some photos of my setup soon. I love talking about this stuff so if you have any questions, please ask! If you have this generator, please let me know what you think!

Price: $599, Item: 1900539

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2 thoughts on “Costco Firman Power Dual Fuel Generator 7500 Running Watts

  1. When my electricity and septic tank gave out, I used this generator to light the way to the hole in the yard. Lifesaver!

    1. Awesome! Ya, I didn’t know how bad I needed a generator until my power went out. Glad this one worked for you. Did you have any issues with this Firman when you were using it? How long did you run it for? Thanks

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