Costco Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness Tracker

I had one of the original Fitbit’s & it was great. I was able to track my heart rate & steps. It had many other features but those were the only ones I used. I will say this…wearing a watch that tracks your “activity” for the day, really does make you accountable. For those of you who have never worn one before, it can really make you feel lazy & pressure you to get up & move around. It’s a good thing, because I always felt like I was focused on my health. Here we have the Costco Fitbit Charge 4! Scroll down for photos & price. These new Fitbit’s have so many more features it makes me want to upgrade! It can track your GPS location, as well as track you swimming laps in a pool. You can really break your workouts down to a science which can be great because I always found it to be a motivational tool. Here are a few specifications for the Fitbit Charge 4……..

  • Built-in GPS, Goal-based Exercise Modes, Swimproof*
  • Active Zone Minutes, Workout Intensity Maps
  • 24/7 Heart Rate Tracking, All-day Activity and Sleep Tracking
  • FitBit Pay™, Notifications & Apps, Up to 7-days Battery*
  • Blue Band (Small & Large included) and a Bonus Black Band (Small & Large included)
  • Body Metric’s Measured: Activity vs. Inactivity, Calories Burned, Distance Traveled, Heart Rate, Steps Taken
  • Model Number: FB417BKNVBNDL

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Costco Fitbit Charge 4

I was a big fan of how light these are. They had a display out, but I was unable to try it on; however, I was able to see it in comparison to my wrist. It looks small & comfortable. Right now this Fitbit Charge 4 is on sale for $119.99. That is $10 – $30 cheaper than ANY big box store. If you miss the sale you can always wait until Black Friday! As usual you always get the Costco guarantee so if you don’t like it for any reason you can always return it. The one Costco sells comes with the blue & black band…..If you’re looking for the “Special Edition” Black/Granite Reflective or the Rosewood color, make sure to check these out on Amazon………

Price: $119.99 sale price, $139.99 regular price, Item Number: 1431234

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