Costco General Mills Cheerios 2 Pack

Just some good old fashioned Cheerios. Who doesn’t love a bowl of Cheerios every now and then? Whether it’s a morning breakfast, afternoon snack or “late night, take an entire box to bed with you & munch it down next to your wife trying to sleep”, they’re always good. Throw some bananas or some brown sugar in there to make it a real treat.

With COVID-19 (coronavirus) in full swing, these are nice to have around. You can see from the photos that they don’t expire for a year & I’m sure they’d last even longer. They come in 2 x 20.35 ounce packs. That’s more than 2.5 pounds of Cheerios for only $3.99! You can barely buy 1 small box of cereal for $3.99. The limit is 10 so expect some funny looks if you’re trying to buy 25 pounds of Cheerios. They’re non-GMO, gluten free & made with 100% whole grain oats. Only 2 grams of sugar per serving for all the people who watch their sugar intake. Pick em up!

Price: $3.99, Item: 522107

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