Costco Gift Basket, Ghirardelli Gift Tin

The Costco Ghirardelli Gift Baskets are back! Get your chocolate basket for only $23.99. Scroll down for photos. This item is a Costco staple. Every year they have a Ghirardelli theme gift basket. It’s ALWAYS better to get it at Costco because these are relatively expensive chocolates. You would be hard pressed to find a basket of this quantity for a better price. This is the perfect gift to bring over to a Christmas or holiday party. It’s filled with over a pound of chocolates from there most popular candies. It’s even got the San Francisco themed cable car tin to go with. This is specifically made for Costco, so you won’t find this specific item anywhere else. Here are a few more details about this Ghirardelli Costco Gift Basket………

  • Ghirardelli Gift Tin: 17.27 ounces (1 pound & 1.27 ounces)
  • Ghirardelli Cable Car Tin
  • Contents: Chocolate 11.42 ounces, Cookies 3 ounces, Popcorn 2 ounces, Cocoa 0.85 ounces
  • San Francisco Cable Car Tin included

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Ghirardelli Costco Gift Basket, Christmas & Holidays

Costco is probably the best place to get your gift baskets. With everyone marking things up for the holidays, Costco stays consistent with their prices. If you are looking for individual gifts, make sure to check out my post about the 4 piece break apart mugs. This is a great gift to bring over to someone’s holiday party or dinner. No, it’s not as thoughtful as you may like, but it’s fancy chocolate & everyone will enjoy. If you are looking for some alternative gift baskets (meat, cheese, crackers), make sure to check out these HIGHLY rated gift sets on Amazon……

Price: $23.99, Item Number: 1482727

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One thought on “Costco Gift Basket, Ghirardelli Gift Tin

  1. It is the worst gift to give 90% lots of plastic to make it appear generous wrapping, 9.47 oz chocolate, 3 oz cookies, 2 onz popcorn .. and cocoa .85 of an oz ????
    Total not even one pound of food …. cookies . Shame on Costco and Ghirardelli a chocolate that has been my favorite … to charge $27.00 plus is deceiving the customers .. waste of paper big time … bad, bad,bad ….. it shows there is no quality control … or just plain careless … as long people pay …. You just don’t care …..

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