Costco Graco Car Seat, 4Ever 4 in 1 Graco Car Seat

Costco sells this Graco 4Ever 4 in 1 Car Seat for $199.99! Scroll down for photos. As a new parent myself, I can say that these Graco car seats are awesome! They’re simple & easy to install & come with some of the highest safety ratings among all the car seat brands. When our son was born, we brought him home in a Graco car seat. I believe it was a 2 in 1 convertible car seat that had all the safety padding for newborns. I read the manual a dozen times to make sure we installed the car seat properly because I thought it was “too easy”. That’s how these are designed. They are supposed to be easy to install & easy to get the child in and out. Here are a few more details about this Costco Graco Car Seat……

  • Brand: Graco
  • Model: 4Ever 4 in 1 Car Seat Matrix Collection
  • 4 – 40 lb. rear facing
  • 22 – 65 lb. forward facing
  • 40 – 100 lb. highback booster seat
  • 40 – 120 lb. backless booster
  • 6 position recline adjust
  • 10 position headrest
  • 1 box

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Costco Graco 4Ever 4 in 1 Car Seat

We originally purchased a Graco infant car seat for the first 18 months. It was easy to get in and out & easy to order parts for the mother in laws. We purchased 1 car seat & 3 bases for all the different cars he would ride in. After using the Graco products for a while it was apparent how easy they were to use and install. The current product we have is the Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat, which we should have purchased in the first place. Oh well, it’s a learn as you go experience =). Anyways, we love all of our Graco products & would continue to buy. I feel very confident in my child’s safety with them in a Graco seat. If you’re looking for some HIGHLY RATED Graco products, make sure to check these out…….

Price: $199.99, Item Number: 1048932

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2 thoughts on “Costco Graco Car Seat, 4Ever 4 in 1 Graco Car Seat

  1. Hi there, I’m looking to get a car seat to replace the infant car seat we have….so the extendtofit car seat you currently have is different than the 4-ever car seat. Which one are you recommending and what’s the difference? Thanks!

    1. You can’t go wrong with either one. I would start with the Costco model & see how you like it. The determining factor is the return policy. Honestly, it’s a Graco & I’m sure you’ll end up keeping it. We still like the car seat we have, but if I had to buy another one, I’d probably just go with the Costco model.

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