Costco Greenworks 80V Trimmer Blower Kit

Summer is right around the corner so it’s time to make those lawns & outdoor areas look good. Costco has this Greenworks Trimmer & Blower kit that is a great addition to your tool collection. For those of you who don’t have a blower, I highly recommend one. Who wants to use a push broom or sweep up a pile of leaves? Nobody! Snap the battery in and blow all those leaves into your neighbors yard……haha! Kidding aside, I’ve used a manual trimmer & had to sweep up the backyard/front-yard as a kid……this kit will almost make you enjoy doing yard work. It’s quick, efficient & saves the back. Here are some of the specification of this kit……

  • 80V Cordless 16 inch String Trimmer (45 minute runtime)
  • 80V Cordless 580 CFM 145 MPH Blower (15 minute runtime)
  • 2 x 80V 2AH Batteries
  • 2 Amp Charger
  • 16″ Attachment Capable
  • 4 Year Tool & Battery Warranty
  • 80V Battery fits 20+ Tools

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If you haven’t already committed to a cordless tool set, this is not a bad option to start with. As mentioned in my previous posts, I have already committed to the DeWalt 20V line, so almost all my tools are DeWalt brand. If you would like to look at a very similar kit on Amazon, please click the link below. Costco is selling this for $299 & you can’t beat the return policy. Check it out on Amazon…..

Price: $299.97, Item: 1397573

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6 thoughts on “Costco Greenworks 80V Trimmer Blower Kit

  1. Thanks.

    I bought this Greenworks kit on sale last year. The blower is really powerful. The trimmer head on the trimmer
    spun in the wrong direction and detached itself each time I started it. Probably was wired (polarity) backwards. I just returned it for a full refund.

    I see there is a Greenworks kit with the identical tools, batteries, etc on sale starting tomorrow. Also on sale. I’ll be
    ordering that one.

    1. Sounds good. Thanks for leaving a review about that. Good to know the blower is really powerful. I would probably have bought one of these but I am already committed to the 20V DeWalt line, so I have their blower & trimmer with about 5 batteries for all the other tools. I’ve heard great things about this set though. Glad you like it & let me know how you end up liking the new one. It’s a great deal on sale!

  2. Is the Costco Greenworks 80V Trimmer Blower Kit Price: $299.97, Item: 1397573 new? Does it have a warranty and if so what are the terms and what is the cost of shipping to WA state?

    1. This is last years item. I know they have a new one on the shelves this year, but I haven’t posted it yet. I’ll go this week & see the differences (if any), between this model from 2020 & the new model. Thanks for asking

      1. Hi have you found this kit online in 2021? I am in Texas and cant find in store or online at Costco. Thank you

        1. I haven’t found it online. Only in store. Like I said, next time I go I will get photos & report back if it’s the same model or not

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