Costco Halloween LED Pumpkin, Flickering Flames & Sound

Costco sells this Halloween LED Pumpkin for $39.99. Scroll down for photos. I can’t believe Halloween products are already in Costco. They’ve got the kid’s costumes already available, as well as all the outdoor items. This seemed like the perfect outdoor item for me. Nothing to fancy or too big to store. It will light up your front porch to make it more festive. Plus it’s only $40. My only concern is that kids will snatch it like they do with the real pumpkins & roll them down a hill =). This LED pumpkin is surprisingly big at 19.5″ tall and uses 3 C Batteries (not included). It’s even got a timer so you don’t have to remember to turn it off. Grab this & a few bags of candy and you’re all set! Here are a few more details about this Costco Halloween LED Pumpkin……….

  • For Indoor / Outdoor Use
  • Requires 3 “C” Batteries (not included)
  • Motion Sensor Activated
  • Timer: 6 Hours On / 18 Hours Off
  • Flame & Sound Effect
  • No Assembly Required

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Costco 19.5″ Halloween Pumpkin w/ Flickering Flames & Sound

Costco had a nice one last year too. Check it out here! This one is a little bit taller and costs a few more dollars. It seems like everything has gone up in price lately because of this pandemic. Anyways, I found this in the center aisle where all the new items usually go. They were starting to increase their stock of Halloween items so be on the lookout for good deals or popular items. They don’t currently sell this online, but they do sell a “24” Halloween Frankenstein Greeter with LED Pumpkin” for $69.99 on These are the kind of items I am a big fan of because they are so easy. If you can’t find this at Costco, make sure to check out these other HIGHLY RATED LED Halloween Items…..

Price: $39.99, Item Number: 1486466

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13 thoughts on “Costco Halloween LED Pumpkin, Flickering Flames & Sound

  1. Any hints on how to get the pumpkin to turn on? This is the second one that doesn’t work. I’m wondering if it is the batteries.

    1. There’s a small switch on the bottom of the pumpkin. It can be hard to see as it’s all black with a rubber covering. The lettering is VERY small & it’s “0” for off “I” for lights only & “II” for lights with sound. If it still doesn’t work, double check that the batteries are in correctly and charged. Hope that helps

    1. I was at Costco yesterday 7 they only had 1 left. Hopefully you are able to find another one because Halloween is less than 2 weeks away. Costco will most likely stop stock Halloween products. Fingers crossed you find a new one!

    2. By the way. I just saw this item discounted in store for $29.97! I took a photo of the price. I’ll shoot it to you’re email. Maybe you can return it AND get the discounted price!

      1. You’ll have to just check all the Costco’s around you. They are mostly off the shelves by now, but I have seen 1 – 2 with damaged boxes still for sale in a couple of stores. I even saw it marked down to $29.97 at my local Costco. Good luck!

  2. Oooh, ok. That must be it. I agree that the buttons were very flimsy. I do believe the off button was working. Though the motion sensor button just kept going on forever. While it was by my door, you really had to come up to my door to get it to activate. I just don’t think there was someone(s) standing in front of my house continuing to have the motion sensor go on and on. But what do i know. Thanks again! You’re awesome!

  3. Yes, I left it on one setting for many, many hours, and it didn’t do anything. It was next to my front door and it didn’t activate when someone came to the door. The other setting, it never shut up. It was lit up and calling for over 20 minutes until i couldn’t stand it anymore. I think I’m just going to return it. Which I’m bummed about. Because it’s great looking and just the right size. Thank you so much for responding and your information. I really appreciate it. Have a great day.

    1. Hi Colleen. I actually went to Costco today & they had a display up so I played with it for about 10 minutes. There appears to be 1 switch on the bottom with 3 positions. “0” is off. “I” is lights only. “II” is lights and sound. I am assuming the “II” lights and sound option is where the motion sensor comes into play. You say yours doesn’t every shutoff so maybe it is broken. The display in Costco seemed to not make noise until I moved, so I think it worked properly. I couldn’t stand there for 8 hours to test the on / off feature =). Anyways, the button did seem very poorly made as I could barely feel the switch positions, so that could also be an issue. Sorry it didn’t work out for you. Let me know if you get a new one. Hope that helps

  4. Hello. I bought one today. However, every one of the boxes in our Costco were extremely damaged. The pumpkin wasn’t, just the box. All the boxes were opened and were taped inside to hold the box together. There were no instructions on how to operate the pumpkin. Did yours come with something to explain what the button on the bottom does? Which one is the timer? Which one is the motion sensor? The one side with the ||, it never stops making noise. The other side, with the O, it doesn’t do anything. No motion sensor. If you have instructions, could you please copy them and email to me if possible? I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

    1. This seems to be such a common issue with items like this. I don’t have this exact model, I have one from previous years. What I’ve found is that if there is only an on / off button, then when you turn it on, it starts the 6 hour timer. It will then work for 6 hours & turn off for the next 16. So if you turn it on at 4pm, it will shut off at 10pm & turn on the next day at 4pm. You say it’s “always on”….have you given it a chance to sit & see if it turns off on it’s own. Maybe the motion sensor is very sensitive & keeps getting activated. I hope that helps. Keep me updated

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