Costco Jim Shore Mickey Mouse Holiday Greeter

Costco sells this Jim Shore Mickey Mouse Holiday Greeter for $45.99. Scroll down for photos. This was the first time I have seen the Jim Shore Mickey Mouse. Costco has sold Jim Shore Santa’s in the past, but I have never seen the Disney version of Mickey Mouse Santa. I got a chance to hold the display and this is a really nice greeter. It’s heavier than it looks & it would look great on any doorstep. This would be a great addition to your holiday collection & look great inside or out. It is hand painted & stands around 17″ tall. If you take a look at eBay, some of these Mickey Mouse greeter’s sell for over $200! It’s only $45.99 at Costco, which is a bargain! Here are a few more details about this Costco Jim Shore Mickey Mouse Holiday Greeter……

  • Brand: Jim Shore / Disney
  • Old St. Mick
  • Hand Painted
  • Approximately 17″ Tall
  • Indoor / Outdoor Use

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Costco Jim Shore Mickey Mouse Holiday Greeter

This reminds me of the Costco Nativity Set 2021, because those are also hand painted & they tend to sell out fairly quickly. Like I said above, this is the first time I have seen this Holiday Greeter & I don’t expect it to be on the shelves for very long. Unfortunately Costco does not currently sell this online, so this is an in-store product only. I have only seen this in 2 of the 4 Costco’s I frequent so keep that in mind. These Jim Shore products have amazing reviews too! If you can’t find this at Costco, make sure to check out these other HIGHLY RATED Jim Shore Holiday Products online…….

Price: $45.99, Item Number: 1487542

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22 thoughts on “Costco Jim Shore Mickey Mouse Holiday Greeter

    1. Nice! such a great deal for these greeters! The smaller ones go for much more, so to get it for $20 is a steal! Good find

  1. My Costco marked these down to 19.97 today. At $45 it’s bargain since Jim Shore figurines can go for 75+ and those are less than 6 inches tall.

      1. Sorry Sandra. These were sold out of my Costco’s by late November. Some people were lucky enough to find them on sale / discount, but that was location specific. Good luck

    1. Wow! What a steal! Did you buy them all up or save them for other Costco shoppers. If you don’t mind storing them, they would make GREAT gifts for next year!

  2. Yes I bought one yesterday in Costco Turlock California. They had one left. I was surprised to see it there.

    1. Awesome! Score! That’s very lucky only 11 days before Christmas. These were off the shelves near me by late November. Very popular

    1. Sorry Lauren. I haven’t seen any Jim Shore products for a few weeks now. These are always popular and sell out quickly. This was actually the only model I saw. I know there is a Minnie out there as well as the Halloween one. Anyways, good luck & let me know if you find one

      1. Nice! Thanks for the heads up! Ya, I never saw them in store, but you’re right, it’s still on the website! It’s $49.99 which is a great deal! These were very popular

  3. These just arrived at my local Costco and are a real value for someone who loves Disney and Jim Shore collectibles. The price is hard to beat and they were selling like “hotcakes” at a 10 cent garage sale. Bet they won’t be there by Sunday.

    1. As soon as they arrived, they were gone. I was at Costco today & I did not see them in stock anymore. It is a really good price! Did you end up buying one? We were thinking about it & I believe the decision was made for us =) because it’s seemingly sold out

    1. They are in store at most Costco’s. I would ask an associate to look up the item number and see if you can locate one. They are very nice! I’ll check this week to see if they are still there

    2. It’s on the Canadian website for $77.99 haha! It’s $59.99 in store in Ontario, Canada as well. Hope you can find it in your store!

      1. Thanks Jasmine! Ya, it’s always better to grab something like this in store. $18 for shipping seems like a little too much. Thanks for stopping by

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