Costco Lasagna, Kirkland Signature Sausage & Beef

Costco sells their Kirkland Signature Lasagna for $13.79. Scroll down for photos. I remember buying this years ago in the 1 large tray. We would always get it for Christmas or Thanksgiving to go with the main course. I’ve always enjoyed the frozen lasagna from Costco. The nice thing about the new packaging is that it comes in 2 x 3 pound packs. This means you don’t have to cook the entire lasagna at once & eat it for a week. You can just cook half & keep the other half frozen. Cooking instructions can be found below. Costco has created smaller portion sizes for several items & I think it’s great. These can be found in the frozen section next to the other frozen meats. Here is a little more about the Kirkland Signature Frozen Lasagna……..

  • Made with Sausage & Beef
  • 100% USDA Choice Grade Ground Beef Chuck
  • Vine – Ripened Tomatoes
  • Whole Milk Mozzarella Cheese
  • Whole Milk Ricotta Cheese
  • 2 x 3 Pounds Servings
  • Instructions: 1) Preheat oven to 375°F. 2) Separate twin pack. 3) Cut a 2″ slit in film cover. 4) Place tray on cookie sheet on middle oven rack. 5) Cook 55 minutes. 6) Remove film cover and continue cooking for 10 minutes to brown cheese. 7) Remove from oven and let stand 5 minutes.
  • Total Cook Time: 65 minutes / 1 hour 5 minutes

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Costco Kirkland Signature Sausage & Beef Lasagna, 6 LBS

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a homemade lasagna. The problem is, it takes some time, effort & money to put together. It’s impossible to make 6 pounds of sausage & beef lasagna for under $13.79. Yes, it may taste better, but I really enjoy this lasagna as well. Costco just makes it too easy. These are always great for the holidays & parties. It also makes great Super Bowl food! If you’re looking to make your own lasagna or want ingredients, make sure to check out the links below. There are some GREAT options for gluten free lasagna sheets/noodles too…….

Price: $13.79, Item Number: 1321637

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23 thoughts on “Costco Lasagna, Kirkland Signature Sausage & Beef

  1. Can this be cooked in a convection oven? if so do I have to take it out of the cardboard pan and put it in something else.
    Thanks for your time.

    1. The ones I’ve seen come in aluminum. It should say on the box what can or can not go in the oven. Read the label first. Yes, these can be cooked in a convection oven

  2. In my 74 years, I have had some really great lasagna. The best was a small neighborhood pizza joint back in my high school days. Their lasagna was fantastic, and they sold it in serving sized containers for freezing.
    Since then, I have never found a truly great frozen lasagna – until this week, that is. This stuff is really remarkable, from the texture of the noodles, to the tastiness of the meat, as well as the sauce. It’s a bit greasy, which probably accounts for the great taste (Please don’t let them Northwestern Tree Huggers tamper with this like they have with other products, including your Food Court items). All ingredients are in perfect proportion.
    This is a double win for us, also finding the Del Real Fajitas on the same shopping trip.

    1. Awesome! Glad you found the lasagna great! I really like that they’ve split it up into 2 containers now. It makes dividing and freezing easier!

    1. I don’t see why not. Assuming it will fit and the toaster oven can reach the specified temperature (it should), then it should work. You might have a mess to deal with if it starts to overflow, but if that’s all your working with I would go for it. Let me know how it works out

  3. It’s the sausage that is spicy. I agree that it may be a bit spicy for kids. Next time, I’ll just get the regular beef lasagna without the sausage.

    1. Thanks Carol. That makes sense. When I make my own lasagna, I use the Costco New York Italian Sausage, which isn’t spicy at all. Thanks for the heads up

  4. Thank you for this helpful information. We intend to use this for a gathering of about 40 people. How many trays do you think we need? Also can the trays be actually put in the microwave to cook or an oven?

    1. Yes. You can cook these directly in an oven. As far as 40 people goes….is this the main dish? side dish? It also depends on the eaters. As a ballpark I would say that 4 should cover it. That means about 10 people per lasagna or 5 people per half tray. That’s a healthy serving and should be some leftover. But I have no idea how big your eaters are & not sure what else will be served. Do what I do & panic and overbuy =)

  5. The Kirkland Lasagna in the one large tray is still available. That’s the Beef lasagna. The Italian sausage and beef has always been in the smaller 2-pack.

    1. I would say 1 – 2 years. It depends on if it gets freezer burn or was previously thawed. I always just go by look and smell & my standards are pretty low because I don’t like wasting food. As long as it looks decent I would cook it and give it a shot even if it’s been a LONG while. May I ask how long you have had it in the freezer?

      1. Who in their right mind would let this delicious meal sit in a freezer for “1-2 years”? Who would even let it sit for more than two months? This stuff is just too great to wait that long.

        1. =) Sometimes it just gets lost in the freezer. I know I’ve found a few items that had to go right to the trash after sitting for so long.

  6. I am just wondering if anyone knows what the size of the tray is that the lasagna comes in. I would like to see if I can find a basket to slip the pan into after it is baked, to set on the table. Thanks so much

    1. I couldn’t tell you the exact dimensions, but it is roughly half of the package longways. It comes in 2 smaller trays now, which I think is great. The normal tray it used to come in was 12-3/4″L x 10-3/8″W x 2-9/16″H. So this one should be ABOUT 6-1/2″L x 10-3/8″W x 2-9/16″H. Hope that helps

    1. Glad to hear you like it. It’s a great product to have for the holidays. Also good to keep in the freezer for any last minute meals. Sorry to hear it was too spicy for you. I don’t remember this lasagna being all that spicy, but they may have changed he recipe. Thanks for stopping by

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