Costco LED Christmas Lights, Philips LED 200 Ct String

Costco sells these Philips LED Christmas Lights for $19.99. Scroll down for photos. I thought these had gone up in price by almost double until I realized this is double the LED’s. Last year Costco sold the Sylvania 100 Count LED Christmas Lights for $7.99. That was for pure white only. Now you can get the 200 count pack that comes with the option of white or color changing. Ya, it’s a few bucks more, but it’s totally worth the option of having color & white. Even better is that this pack comes with 2 x 100 foot lengths of lights, so it’s not a continuous 200 foot length. We purchased our lights over several years & the only issue we have is that different brands have a different brightness and shading then the new models. Not a huge issue, but maybe for some. Anyways, here are a few more details about these Costco Philips LED Christmas Lights…..

  • Brand: Philips
  • 2 Sets of 100 lights
  • 3 light effects: Steady Warm White, Steady Multi, Color Changing
  • Remains lit technology
  • Connect up to 9 Sets
  • Includes replacement bulbs & fuses
  • Cord length per light string 33′ = 66 Feet total
  • Approximate weight: 4.74 lbs.
  • Synchronized connectors for seamless functionality
  • Memory feature remembers the last selected function
  • For indoor and outdoor use

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Costco Philips Remains Lit 100 Dual Color Mini LED Lights

I’m a big fan of these types of lights. I have about a dozen of these rolled up and stored in my Costco Storage Bins & they’ve been going strong for about 3 years now. They are a mix and match of the Costco brands over the years. As I mentioned above, the shade of our colors are off, so it is a little annoying. Remember that each length is 33′ so make sure to calculate about how much you’ll need and buy an extra box. sells them in a 4-pack for $46.99, so save the $7 and buy 4 in-store if you can. The biggest complaint was that the “color” feature was washed out. Other than that people seemed to like them. If you can’t find these at Costco, make sure to check out these other HIGHLY RATED Christmas Lights…….

Price: $19.99, Item Number: 1487582

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15 thoughts on “Costco LED Christmas Lights, Philips LED 200 Ct String

    1. I figured it out but you’re not going to like it!

      Same as you one of my strands was out of sync with the others, color when the others are white and vice-versa. The problem with the offending string is that it is wired backwards from the factory. The controller works by reversing the polarity of the voltage that it sends to the string. One direction the string is white and with the opposite polarity the string is colors.

      The solution therefore is to cut off and re-attach the connectors on both ends of the offending string opposite of the way they came from the factory. I soldered mine but you could use crimp connectors as well. No doubt this probably void the warranty 🙂
      And be sure to unplug the string before attempting any modifications!

      To be on the safe side best to just return it take advantage of Costco’s return policy.

    2. The connector is polarized so it plugs in only one way.
      I had one string not sync’ed. Since it was the first sting on my already decorated tree, I went to the end connector of this first string and with an X-Acto knife, I carefully trimmed the half moon shape of the inside of plug to look like the other half of the plug. When I was done, the plug will connect to the next string either way. One way it is out of sync, the other way everything is sync’ed. Don’t cut too close to the brass pins of the connector.
      I considering cutting the wires and swapping and soldering but, a little X-Acto work is much easier.

  1. Where are we able to find these still being sold? They sold too good to be true and unfortunately I’m not seeing them in MN.

    1. These were in stock today in Northern California. I walked through Costco about an hour ago and they had a full stack of these lights. Hopefully you are able to find them soon. It’s unfortunate when different Costco’s in other states have the products you want. Anyways, good luck and I hope you find them

  2. Any tips on connecting the strands? I followed the directions and took the box off of strand 2 and attached it with a connector to strand 1. The second strand, when plugged in by itself, are set to white lights but when I connect them they turn to color so I’m not sure how to get all the strands to be the same. If you can help that would be great! I’ve called Phillips and had to leave a message! Thanks!

    1. Lori, did you receive any help from Pbilips? I am having the same issue: 4 strands connected, and the 1 farthest from the plug is off-sync with the color/mode no matter how I cycle through. Thanks!

      1. Bumping this comment to someone who hopefully found a solution. I check out the FAQ on the website, but it was pretty generic.

    2. Did you plus them all in together before plugging them into a power source? I wonder if that is what is causing the syncing issues? I have Christmas lights from Costco from last year, so I don’t have this exact model. Maybe someone can chime in if they solved the problem. I went to “” like it said on the box, but found nothing relevant. Let me know if you end up solving the problem

  3. Any idea if there any tree toppers that will attach to the synchronized plugs? Didn’t realize this would be an issue.

    1. I can’t be 100% sure. I have the same problem with my 7.5 foot pre-lit Christmas Tree from Costco. There is no additional connection up top for a tree topper so we’ve just gone without a lighted top. What you can do (I am probably going to do it this year), is run a green extension cord up through the middle of the tree & bring your own power source to the top. With the ornaments and the tree lit up, you’ll never see it, plus it allows you to pick any topper you want! Hope that helps. Let me know what you end up doing

  4. Did not take long to sell out of both the 4 pack and 2 pack. Do they have these every year? Maybe I will check in earlier next year to get them

    1. I was at Costco yesterday & they still had an entire stack of these. Costco always sells Christmas Lights every year, but the models tend to change. I know this because I have purchased them the last several years & the white colors are always a bit off. It’s kind of annoying when you see different shades of white. Anyways, good luck & I hope you find them

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