Costco Light Fixture, FEIT 15 inch Outdoor Lantern

I’ve purchased multiple outdoor wall mounted light fixtures from Costco. They are always less expensive than a similar product at Lowe’s or Home Depot……… a lot. Costco seems to have a model or 2 for about a year & then they change the design or look (scroll for photos). So make sure that if you see something you like, buy it right away, because they tend to disappear when you finally decide to purchase it. Most of the lighting products I buy at Costco are made by FEIT electric. I have had a good experience with their products & have only returned 1 or 2 items. I believe they had a set of dimmers that didn’t seem to work with my setup, but it’s never an issue to return the item.

Costco Light Fixture, 15″ Outdoor Lantern by FEIT

After doing some shopping around these light fixtures at Costco are my go to products. They are generally much bigger than the ones at the big box stores & they always seem to be a style I like. Maybe I am just partial to Costco, but they seem to pick the popular styles. I am a big fan of this square/boxy looking style as opposed to the smaller round style. Even though I had a working front door light, I purchased a 3rd wall mount outdoor lantern to match the 2 over my garage. Here are a few specifications about this outdoor Costco light fixture……..

  • 15″ high LED outdoor only lantern
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze (it looks great, my favorite style)
  • Soft White LED Bulb INCLUDED (8.8 watt usage)
  • Dusk to Dawn Sensor
  • 800 Lumens
  • Energy Star Rated

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The outdoor lanterns I’ve purchased in the past had fixed light bulbs. The problem with that is if the light died you had to replace the whole unit. The nice thing about this model is the replaceable bulb. You should be able to leave the light fixture up indefinitely & only replace bulbs. My other favorite feature is the dusk to dawn sensor. We end up leaving the light on 24/7 & they only come on from “dusk to dawn”. It’s really convenient instead of having to set a timer or manually switch it on every night (yes, I’m lazy). If you’re looking for a slightly smaller (12″ vs 15″) or can’t find this at Costco, please check this FEIT model on Amazon……..

Price: $29.99, Item Number: 1427076

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