Costco Madi Gran Panettone, Italian Cake 35.25 oz

Costco sells the Madi Gran Panettone for $5.79. Scroll down for photos. This might be one of my favorite items to see because it means the holidays are right around the corner. It’s also because every year on Christmas we use this Italian Cake to make French Toast. Yes, you heard that right. We take this Italian Cake & sweeten it up some more by throwing it in an egg batter on the griddle & loading it up with syrup. It takes indulging to a whole new level. If you haven’t tried it, you really should! By itself, the Gran Panettone is awesome. For $5.79 you get almost 2 pounds of a traditional Italian Cake. Cut a slice and grab a cup of coffee & your days off to a great start. Here’s a few more details about this Costco Madi Gran Panettone……

  • Traditional Italian Oven Baked Cake
  • Made in Italy
  • Conforms 100% to Italy’s Panettone Law (apparently it’s a law)
  • 60 hours of natural leavening with 100% natural sourdough yeast
  • Plump Turkish Saltana Raisins
  • Made with: Italian Milk, Creamy Butter & No Preservatives

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Costco Gran Panettone Italian Cake

Make sure you don’t look at the Nutrition Facts when indulging. It’s 300 calories per serving. Good thing they only sell this during the holidays. This also works as a great gift! If you’re headed to a holiday gathering, this is a great affordable treat to bring. It’s packed nicely too! Don’t forget your neighbor’s when shopping for the holidays. Now there are plenty of panettone style cakes out there, so if you want to check them out, make sure to look at these HIGHLY RATED ones on Amazon. They also come in different flavors & sizes….

Price: $5.79, Item Number: 112266

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10 thoughts on “Costco Madi Gran Panettone, Italian Cake 35.25 oz

  1. Growing up in Rome in the 70s, we always had panettone Motta or Alemagna for Natale- these were the most popular panettoni for your average italian family.

    Now living in New Jersey, I must admit that the panettone Madi is just as good, if not better, than the two mentioned above, molto buono!

    Buone feste!

    1. Glad to hear! I don’t have much experience with panettone other than this one, but I absolutely love this one. One of my favorite ways is to make French Toast with it. That’s usually for Christmas time because it’s a plate of sugar =)

  2. I love panettone & this panettone is delicious. Plenty of orange & raisins & lovely fluffy dough. Just sweet enough to enjoy for breakfast, or dessert, or a snack. Whenever. I probably shouldn’t admit, in print, that I ate a whole one in three days! I went back to Costco today & bought three more!

    1. That sounds a lot like me Katherine! Once I open this panettone, it’s gone in just a few days. The problem is I’ll have it for breakfast, lunch & dinner. That’s why I can’t buy them too often. I haven’t noticed them at my Costco recently. Maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough. Thanks for stopping by!

    2. I also love this pannetone. We are Italian and my mom loves it. She’s turning 100 years old. I give her a slice every night with some milk and she’s in heaven! I slice it, briefly toast it, add butter (not that it needs it) and she always asks “did you bake all day?) ha ha!

      I’m going to gift this to some friends this year.

      1. So glad to hear! Glad your mom is still going strong and enjoys the this cake! I love seeing it in store, because it means that the holidays are here! This is an undercover great gift to give out. Costco always has plenty of gift baskets and chocolates, but the Madi Gran Panettone is such a great affordable gift! Thanks for stopping by

  3. Just opened the Madi Gran Panettone bread I purchased at Costco Winter Park, FL before Christmas. It was so moist and delicious. My husband and I both said “It was the best Panettone we had ever tasted” Definitely will buy extra next year! Love, love love it

    1. Glad to hear! It is soooooo good. My wife isn’t a huge fan of this one because she doesn’t enjoy the sultana raisins & candied fruit peels like I do. She enjoys the plain Panettone. Either way, I ALWAYS get at least 1 of these a year because they are my favorite. Only 11 more months to go……=). Thanks for the comment

      1. As a 9 yr old lad, so fortunate to have made my first of many trips to Italia…at Christmas time…Panettone (Motta) & Asti Spumante (Martini & Rossi, just a taste from dads glass), and incredible combination a very Buona Natale

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