Costco Member Savings April 2021 Online Only Coupon Book

**Costco Member Savings May 2021 Online Only Coupon Book**
**Costco April 2021 Coupon Book, 4/14/21 – 5/9/21**

I just got the Costco Member Savings “Online Only” Coupon Book in the mail today! There are some exciting sales going on in the next few weeks! The coupons runs from 3/29/2021 – 4/27/2021. This coupon book is loaded with furniture both inside & outside. If you’ve been waiting to buy a sofa/couch or outdoor seating set, then make sure to look through this book. They even have a bunch of fitness/summer items available online too. Most of these items, you won’t be able to find in store, so it only makes sense to order it online. If you do find an item in store, make sure to buy it because it will most likely be a few bucks cheaper. There’s a few garage storage cabinet & tool chest I will be looking at. Anyways, here is a list of the items I’m most interested in……….

  • POLYWOOD Portside 3 piece Shellback Adirondack Set, Item Number: 100381923. This is a 3 piece Adirondack set that’s really nice! This is separate from the Adirondack Chairs I posted about a while back.
  • 8 x 12 Keyhole Garden Bed, Item Number: 2394249. This is EXACTLY what I want when I get my backyard done. I love gardening & this would be the perfect setup
  • Kohler Karing Intelligent One Piece Toilet w/ bidet, Item Number: 1456186. I’ve been looking into bidets for a few years now. Just can’t bring myself to make the purchase. Here is the Toto Washlet Costco sells
  • Hunter Wispera 54″ Curved Blade Ceiling Fan, Item Number: 2538255. This is a very modern looking Hunter fan. Costco has been selling Hunter fans for a long time now & they are high quality fans
  • Infinity Kokoro M888 Massage Chair, Item Number: 100713591. This is almost a $5,000 massage chair that I REALLY want to try out. Anyone own this chair?
  • Singing Machine Wi-Fi Karaoke Pedestal with 7″ Touchscreen Display, Item Number: 1458007. I posted about this a while back. Always fun to have karaoke around!
  • Page 15 – Apple products & new monitors. If you’re in need of a monitor upgrade I HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting 2 and having a dual screen. It is very convenient
  • Feel Good USDA Organic Ashwagandha, Matcha Tea, Beetroot or MCT Oil Powder. This stuff has become increasingly popular & we have tried & enjoyed them all. Here is the Youtheory Ashwagandha

Costco Member Savings April 2021 Coupon Book, Online Only

That sums up the Costco online only coupon book for April. Don’t forget to thoroughly look through this book. There are items you may not even know exist. If you look at some of the items they give you a search term to look for. For example on page 17 they ask you to search for “UNIQUE21AM”. This will give you items not listed in the book such as a sports car themed pool table. Make sure to check those out. Anyways, scroll down for the photos & here are a few links to the other coupon books……..

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