Costco Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Hand Soap 16 fl oz 4 Pack

My wife loves this stuff! Even though it is more expensive than the Costco Kirkland Brand hand soap, I must admit, it’s pretty nice stuff. It’s easy on the skin & both the lemon & the lavender have a nice smell to them. I picked up this 4 pack for $14.99, which is much cheaper than Target or Bed Bath & Beyond. You end up with a total of 64 ounces which should last you a while. Here are some of the reasons why Mrs. Meyers is so popular….

  • It’s made WITH: plant derived cleaning ingredients, essential oils, aloe vera extract, glycerin & olive oil
  • It’s made WITHOUT: parabens & phthalates, triclosan, mea & dea, artifical colors
  • You get 2 x 16 oz bottles of lemon & 2 x 16 oz bottles of lavender
  • Mrs. Meyer’s produces cruelty free hand soap. None of our products are tested on animals

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Everyone seems to love this stuff. The reviews on Amazon are great (4.7/5 with 5,000+ ratings). If you can’t find it at Costco & want this product I recommend ordering it on Amazon. You can order the 3 pack (12 ounces only & not 16) or the 33 oz refill, which comes out to SLIGHTLY cheaper than Costco. Check them out here……

Price: $14.99, Item Number: 1397536

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