Costco Nintendo Switch Bundle, Case + 128GB SD-Card

Costco sells this Nintendo Switch Bundle with Family Membership & 128 GB Micro-SD Card for $349.99. Scroll down for photos. Last year they sold it for the same price except it came with a $20 eShop gift card. This year it comes with the 128 gigabyte micro-SD card & case which I think is better. This is a product almost every kid will love. My brother & I spent countless hours playing the original Nintendo as kids. Now you can take it on the go with virtually unlimited games to play. This is going to be a hot Christmas item, so grab it sooner than later. These went out of stock last year around late November & I got countless emails asking if I spotted them anywhere. Don’t let that happen to you =). Anyways, here are a few more details about this Costco Nintendo Switch Bundle…….

  • Brand: Nintendo Switch
  • 1 Year Family Membership
  • 128 GB Micro-SD Card
  • Nintendo Switch Case Included
  • Screen Protector
  • Neon Blue & Neon Red Joy-con
  • High Speed HDMI Cable Included
  • Nintendo Switch AC Adapter Included

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Costco Nintendo Switch Bundle w/ Family Membership & 128 GB Micro-SD Card

I had been looking for these for a few weeks and finally found them on the shelves. As you can see from the price photo they are limiting you to 1 per membership. Anytime I see a limit on a product I know they will sell very quickly. Last year they had the big stack of them out as opposed to this year. They have the card that you take to the register & pick it up at item /product pickup area. What’s surprising is they don’t sell these on yet, so this is in-store only. They do sell about 2 dozen of the most popular games on, so you’ll probably want a few games to go with. Here are a few of the most HIGHLY RATED games if you do purchase this Costco Nintendo Switch Bundle (FIRST GAME IS BY FAR MY FAVORITE!!)……

Price: $349.99, Item Number: 1593052

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6 thoughts on “Costco Nintendo Switch Bundle, Case + 128GB SD-Card

    1. Hard to tell. It is seasonal though, so I would get it sooner than later. It usually sells out before Christmas. It’s still currently available on so I would buy it if you can’t find it in-store. Hope that helps

    1. Hi Heena. This is Model number: HAC-001(-01) which is not the OLED model. the OLED model is Model number: HEG-001. Hope that helps

    1. Thanks for the heads up Jim. I’ll double check that next time I go. I’ll have to get up to speed on the differences between v2 & v3. Thanks a lot for the tip

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