Costco Nintendo Switch Bundle w/ Family Membership

Costco is selling the Nintendo Switch bundle for $349.99. For those of you who like to give your kids one big gift each year, this is a great choice (Scroll for photos). It will give them hours of endless entertainment & you can always get them new games in the future. This is a great bundle as opposed to the regular switch console. The switch by itself normally costs $299.99, but you get the switch and all the bundled extra’s for just $50 more. You get a $20 ESHOP gift card where you can buy your first game online. It comes with a 12 month family membership, which is equivalent to $34.99. Lastly it comes with the Nintendo Switch case that is around $15. This is a very popular item right now so I wouldn’t expect it to go on sale for the holidays. It’s a great deal as is because you will end up purchasing the accessories anyways. You might as well get it bundled. Here are a few more details about the Costco Nintendo Switch………

  • Nintendo Switch Console+ Family Membership + $20 ESHOP + Case
  • Limit: 2
  • Screen Protector Included
  • Play Online

Costco Nintendo Switch Bundle

Nintendo is a classic game system. As a kid born in the 1980’s I can remember the countless hours spent playing Super Mario 1, 2 & 3. Nintendo has done a great job at continuing to create new & exciting games. For those of you who are not familiar with all the games the Nintendo switch offers, make sure to check out my Top 3 games………

Price: $349.99, Item Number: 1475464

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