Costco Optimum Nutrition Performance Whey Isolate 3.35 lbs

Costco carries 2 different types of Optimum Nutrition brand protein. They carry the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard & this stuff……Optimum Nutrition Performance Whey. The obvious difference is that this product contains 30 grams of protein per serving vs the 24 grams of the Gold Standard. You can spend hours reading up on the difference between the 2 types but I would honestly just buy them both and see what you like best. You may find that you are able to digest one easier, or mix it better, or it simply just has a better taste. This one is slightly smaller, thus making it less expensive than the gold standard. The other main difference as to why I would prefer this one over the gold standard is that the sweetener used for this product is stevia leaf extract as opposed to sucralose. That is just a personal preference though. Here are some of the highlights of this protein powder…………..

  • 30 Grams Premium Whey Isolate
  • 13.5 Grams of Naturally Occurring Essential Amino Acids
  • 6.5 Grams of Naturally Occurring Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)
  • 1 Gram of Sugar & 1 gram of Fat
  • Ingredients: Whey Protein Isolate, Cocoa Powder (Processed with Alkali), Natural Flavor, Lecithin, Salt, Stevia Leaf Extract, Xantham Gum
  • No Artificial Flavors, Colors, Sweeteners or Hormones
  • Gluten Free

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Optimum Nutrition Performance Whey Isolate

If you are unable to find it at your local Costco you can buy it for ALMOST the same price on Amazon. Honestly, it may be worth it to get it delivered to your doorstep. It’s got great reviews and you can check it out here……

As mentioned in my other posts the ingredient list is the reason I opt for brand on Amazon. I am not a fan of the fake sweeteners & prefer the unflavored protein powder. It allows me to make whatever flavor I desire without all the additional chemicals. Frozen fruit is my sweetener of choice. It’s perfect! The following are the 2 protein powders I have tried with great success, as well as the organic cacao powder I add to give it that chocolaty flavor………

Price: $29.99, Item: 1330894

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