Costco Orange Chicken, Crazy Cuisine Mandarin Chicken

Costco Orange Chicken! This is another one of those foods that is a cheat day for us. This Mandarin Orange chicken from Costco is super tasty. It is located in the frozen section, so you’ll find it next to all the other frozen foods. It fits most of my requirements for food…..easy, cheap & somewhat healthy (not really though if you’re a fresh food organic eating individual). Either way, we don’t eat it too often so we don’t worry too much. It’s a great deal because it’s made with chicken breast & ends up being $3.32 per pound. I don’t think you can buy regular chicken breast that cheap anymore. Plus it’s battered and already flavored for you. It’s simple & the cooking instructions are easy. It’s ready in 20 minutes flat, so it’s great for that unplanned dinner. Here are a few more details about this product……..

  • Made by Crazy Cuisine
  • Chickens raised with No antibiotics Ever
  • 13 grams of protein per serving
  • Can be cooked in the Air Fryer
  • Ready in 20 minutes
  • Directions / Instructions on the back
  • Recipes can be found on the Crazy Cuisine website

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Costco Mandarin Orange Chicken

The mandarin orange sauce is what really gives this chicken a good flavor. You can prepare it several different ways. The preferred method is the oven & this is probably the easiest. You can also cook it on the stovetop, but I would recommend the air fryer. Air Fryer’s have become really popular lately. The benefits of the air fryer are that you are not cooking with oil, this reducing the calories & fat content of the food you are eating. They also have some really great air fryers out there that are very affordable. Check out some of the highest rated air fryers here………

Price: $13.69, Item Number: 1143205

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26 thoughts on “Costco Orange Chicken, Crazy Cuisine Mandarin Chicken

  1. I love this stuff, and have baked it many times. I need something yummy for the crockpot, though. Can this be cooked in a slow cooker?

  2. Hello, I live in the North Dallas area and it’s been over a month since I’ve been able to find this orange chicken at any Costco near me.
    Anyone know if it’s coming back & when?
    It’s definitely gone out of stock times before, but this seems to be the longest it’s ever been.
    It’s such a family favorite.
    Concerned with the global supply issues it may not come back.

    1. It’s hard to tell. Products like this tend to go in and out of stock randomly. I have been looking for some frozen desserts that they usually carry, but haven’t seen them in a month or so. I’ll check my local Costco to see if they have them in stock. Let me know if you end up finding them again. I believe you will & if not they will get some variation of the product

  3. Has anyone had a level of intestinal distress after eating this product? Or is it just me and a co-worker and his wife? I really like the taste and convenience, butt…

    1. I would listen to your body. Everyone is going to respond differently to different foods, so if it doesn’t agree with you, stop buying it. Take a look at the ingredients and you may start finding patterns that upset your stomach.

  4. Thank you for posting this. I purchased the orange chicken today at my local Costco (Iowa). I wonder if it had been a manufacturer production problem a year ago due to Covid, etc. I don’t remember any shortages in our warehouse, but honestly, I don’t remember looking for it at that time. I followed the air fryer instructions on the box and it was amazing! This will definitely be my method of cooking this from now on.

    1. Nice! Glad you were able to use the air fryer. I feel like these types of products just go out of stock sometimes. I go to several Costco’s & some will have this in stock and some won’t. Not sure the rhyme or reason, but I just keep checking. Glad you enjoy them. Thanks for stopping by

  5. Curious if it’s ok to let them thaw in a fridge a couple of days and still eat them. Traveling and had them in the cooler. Kept cold but not frozen. Been two days since we got here and want to cook this for lunch

    1. I’m sure they are just fine. 2 days is not long at all for defrosted food. Let me know how they turn out. If you’re that concerned, just cook them a couple minutes longer. Hope that helps

  6. This orange chicken is straight booty cheeks taste like cake batter with chicken I was straight flabbergasted when they replaced them to these just looking at the box something aint right they taking a fat L home , NEVER BUY THESE SHITS TASTE LIKE KARENS UNSEASON TURKEY

    Lelouch VI Brittania

    1. Well thanks for stopping by “Hugh”. Sorry you don’t like the chicken. I still think it tastes good, but my standards are probably lower because it is a frozen food item. I usually don’t expect much out of frozen foods. This chicken is pretty popular though & a lot of people don’t want to see it leave the shelf.

  7. Albuquerque, NM.

    Out of stock for months, my grandson loves this product. I’ve tried to call the store and no one answers the phone. Even tried member ship and they didn’t answer phone. Call corporate and all they could say was to go to the website and complain. They wouldn’t give me a name to write a letter or email.

    Maybe it’s time to start giving my business to SAM’s.

    Tired of Costco and there rude employees and the constant change of products.

    I spend over $4000 personally. My business spends over $10,000. And my church or ministries spend over $10,000.

    At this point if anyone brings up Costco I will tell them to stay away. Buy local or go to SAM’s…

    Let’s see how a community like ours sends a message..

    1. Sorry to hear about your frustration with Costco. That is unlike them. I’m sure if you asked someone in store, they would be willing to help you find out more information. They do constantly change products, because they are always removing their products that don’t sell fast enough. Unfortunately we all end up liking products that get removed from the shelves. This could end up coming back in stock, because they do have products that rotate in & out through the year.

  8. I’m here looking for news on our beloved Orange Chicken.

    We normally have it with the Kale Salad and diced Kirkland candied pecans.

    I hope they didn’t discontinue it. I haven’t seen it for a month or two.

  9. Haven’t checked my local stores (SoCal) in a few weeks, but this has disappeared from my same-day Instacart site, so I’m assuming Costco is phasing this item out.

    Which is unfortunate, as I air fry up a small portion every week. These are actually quite good just as plain chicken nuggets, as they’re meatier than the Tyson nuggets (which are in turn better than those awful Tyson chicken strips). I don’t like the sauce, so I actually throw the packets out.

    1. It could just be temporary. Costco seems to do this every once in a while. There are several items where I heard they are “discontinuing” & I’ve seen them on the shelves for months. Keep checking and they may show up again. The air fryer is the way to go! Simple & quick. Glad you enjoy them!

  10. i tried it for the first time. it was easy. i liked the flavor. i made it with udon noodles and asparagus and green beans.

    1. Good! glad you enjoyed it. I’m always like the simple & tasty meals. The Udon noodles are a great idea. I always it it with plain rice. Thanks for the comment

  11. I have been buying this for years but the Costco stores in Las Vegas no longer carry it. It isn’t on their website or app any more either. Anyone else still able to get i?

    1. I just saw it the other day at my local Costco. I’m located in the Bay Area, CA for reference. I’ll keep my eye on the frozen section next time to see if it’s still in stock. We don’t purchase this too often, but we really enjoyed it when we did. I wonder if maybe they are getting another supplier. Let me know if they stock it again or carry a new one. Thanks for the comment James

    2. Ditto, also a regular buyer of the orange chicken at Costco for several years, but haven’t seen it since December ’20 in the Hayward, CA Costco store. Hope they bring it back…the Smart&Final version isn’t even close in quality and more expensive.

  12. One of the best we have had in a long time. It hurts when COSTCO runs out. The flavor is great and it’s easy to prepare a quick mean.

    1. Glad to hear Bill! This really is a good Orange Chicken. I’ve tried many of the frozen ones from Safeway or Albertson’s, but this one is my favorite. So easy to make too. Thanks for the comment

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