Costco Paddle Board, Body Glove Inflatable Stand Up

Costco is selling the Body Glove Stand Up Paddle Board for $399.99. Scroll down for photos. I haven’t seen the paddle boards on the floor for about 6 months now. It’s only March, but Costco is preparing for summer time & with people itching to get outdoors, this item will probably go fast. These stand up Inflatable Paddle Boards are awesome! I used one in Hawaii for a couple days & I couldn’t believe how sturdy it was. I was initially concerned with leakage or damage, but these things are built tough! I’ve used both the solid board & the inflatable now & as your casual paddle boarder, I didn’t notice much of a difference. If I was going to buy one I would buy the inflatable, simply because it can store easily. Here are a few more details about this Costco Paddle Board……..

  • 11 ft. Stable Platform PVC Construction,
  • Triple Layer Stringer
  • Side Rails and 3 Durable Fixed Fins
  • New Two-Toned Silver Clear Tek Drop-Stitch
  • Paddle Integrated Carrying System
  • Paddle Length: 70 – 85 Inches
  • Action Camera Mount and Carry All Backpack
  • Included: Performer 11′ 2021 Model, 3 Piece Adjustable Paddle, Carry All Backpack, High Pressure Dual Action Handpump, 11ft Translucent Leash, Cell Phone Dry Bag, Repair Kit
  • Specifications: 11 Feet Long, 34 Inches Wide, 5.4 Inches Thick, 4.5 Inch Nose Rocker, 24 Pound Board Weight

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Costco Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

I did some digging & Body Glove currently sells their Performer 11′ 2020 Inflatable Paddle Board Package for $999. That is $600 more & it’s last years model. I was trying to find the difference between the 2 & there isn’t much. They are virtually identical. Make sure to get this at Costco & save $600. Costco also sells this online for the same price too which is rare. They usually upcharge for shipping & handling. So if you can’t find this at your local Costco, make sure to get it online. It’s also got over 60 reviews with a 4.5/5 rating, which is pretty good for a SUP. If you are going to buy this, make sure to get an electric pump! The hand pump can be annoying when used to blow up. Here are the links for some HIGHLY RATED accessories (Get the EARTH PAK for your phone too!!)……..

Price: $399.99, Item Number: 2621046

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