Costco Painting Kit, Vaughan 22 Piece Painting Set

Costco sells this Vaughan Painting Kit for $19.99. Scroll down for photos. I was surprised to see this painting kit at Costco because I didn’t think they would sell a product like this. It’s great for all you DIY’ers out there who want to spruce up a room. This is a great deal for a painting kit & comes with just about everything you need to paint a room. It comes with a large & small rollers as well as different sized paint brushes. You also get the plastic drop sheets so you can cover the floor or furniture. If you were to try & piece this out individually you’re likely to pay a whole lot more. I’ve never used the Vaughan brand before but it’s worth a shot even if it’s only a 1 times use. Anyways, here are a few more details about this Painting Kit……..

  • Vaughan 22 Piece Painting DIY Project Kit
  • Plastic Handle Rollers
  • Birchwood Handle Brush
  • 22 Pieces: 1 x Metal Paint Tray, 4 Plastic Tray Liners, 2 x 9f x 12ft plastic drop sheets, 1 x Sanding Sponge, 1 x Stir Bar, 2 1/2 Angle Brush, 1 1/2 Angle Brush, 5 in 1 Painting Accessory Tool, 4 inch brush & rollers, 9 inch brush and rollers, Paint Can Opener
  • Multipurpose & Reusable

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Costco Vaughan 22 Piece Paint Kit

As a newer homeowner I have done my fair share of painting. We’ve completely redone our garage as well as our kids room. Painting is such a pain for me because I don’t enjoy it as much as others. What I do now is throw stuff away instead of cleaning it. The rollers are a 1 time use for me. For only a couple bucks I’ll just use a new one for another coat or if I need to touch up. Brushes are fairly easy to clean so I’ll keep those. This kit is so cheap that you can use it 1 time & it would be worth it. I found this in the tools section of Costco. If you’re looking for some HIGH QUALITY painting kits/accessories, make sure to check these out. These are the ones I use & their great………

Price: $19.99, Item Number: 1501660

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