Costco Patio Table, Commercial Quality Micro Mesh

Costco sells this Commercial Quality Patio Table for $44.99. Scroll down for photos. I saw this outdoor patio table the other day next to all the other outdoor furniture. This is their lowest price outdoor table they have, because it’s pretty hard to find one of this quality for $45. They didn’t come in a patio set, but the same style Micro Mesh Chairs, were located right next to it & they were only $24.99. So if you wanted 2 chairs & a table to complete a Costco Patio Set, it would be under $100! This table is not the fanciest or most modern, but it is well built & affordable. It will last you a long time because it is built for commercial use. Here are a few more details about this Micro Mesh Patio Table……

  • 1 x Bistro Table
  • Commercial Quality
  • Durable Steel Frame
  • Powder Coated Finish
  • Stackable & Lightweight
  • Great for Residential & Restaurant Patio Dining
  • Dimensions: 27.9W x 27.9L x 28.3H inches (see photos)

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Costco Commercial Quality Micro Mesh Table

I’ve been looking at outdoor patio sets a lot lately & these is the best bang for your buck out there. The tables are stackable as well as the chairs. If you forget these outside during a rainstorm, you don’t really have to worry too much because they are powder coated with a durable steel frame. The table top is about 28″ x 28″ & stands at around 28″ high. Even if you have a small patio or deck, this would fit just right. They don’t sell these on even though they say to look there. If you see them in store make sure to grab one. They won’t be on the shelves for long. If you can’t find this at Costco, or want some other HIGHLY RATED tables, make sure to check these out…….

Price: $44.99, Item Number: 1900711

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8 thoughts on “Costco Patio Table, Commercial Quality Micro Mesh

  1. Anyone with one of these tables interested in selling it. I’d be interested in buying.

    1. I believe these are back in stock at Costco. Check your local stores now because they have the table and chairs. Won’t be available for long

    1. Costco had an umbrella & an umbrellas bas stand right next this item. They were designed to be used together. You can use any standard size umbrella with this table, just make sure you get a good (heavy) base if you live in a windy area.

  2. Hi there! I have been searching for this table! Love it! Which Costco do you go to (town/state)? Thx!

    1. I’ve seen it at multiple Costco’s around me. I am located in the Bay Area, CA so I frequent the San Francisco, South San Francisco x 2 & Foster City stores. I’ve seen these at most of them. Let me know if you end up finding one

  3. I found your website from searching for Nutrail, glad I did. I have been looking for a small durable table to hold my barbecue. Wouldn’t have seen it because I browse online first.

    1. Glad I could help! It’s a very inexpensive table that can be used many different ways. Did you find it in store? or purchase it online?

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