Costco Pokemon Cards, Trading Cards 3 Pack Assortment

I must admit that I did play Pokemon for a while. It seems like everyone had the Pokemon bug for a few months. You would see groups of people running around to different Poke stops trying to catch that rare Pokemon. Now Costco sells this 3 pack of Poke-Ball tins with trading cards inside. Scroll down for photos! You can learn more about the TCG (trading card game) from the Pokemon website, but it’s basically a board game between 2 players that is easy to learn. The Costco Pokemon cards are a supplement to the board game that allow you to collect more cards for the game. My guess is there are some specialty and high value cards that are in these booster packs. Here are a few more details about these Pokemon cards…….

  • 9 x Booster Packs. 3 in each PokeBall tin x 3 tins = 9
  • 3 Pokemon coins – 1 in each PokeBall
  • Supplement to Pokémon Trading Card Game: Battle Academy
  • Poke Ball Types: Poke Ball, Great Ball, Quick Ball, Dusk Ball, Premier Ball, Ultra Ball, Dive Ball

BACK OF THE BOX: “Each Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield Series and Sun & Moon Series booster packs contains 10 cards and 1 basic energy. Each Pokemon TCG: XY Series booster packs contain 10 cards. Booster packs vary by product. Each player must have a 60-card deck of Pokemon cards to play. Expand your Pokemon trading card game collection with “10 additional game cards” booster packs”

Costco Pokemon Cards

If you’re into Pokemon this is a must buy! I am already seeing these Poke-ball tins popping up on eBay & Craigslist. At $24.99 this is by far the cheapest price for 9 booster packs plus 3 Pokemon coins. Being a fan of early 90’s basketball cards, there’s always a market for buying and holding onto these for a while. Having a sealed pack of these 3 Pokeballs may be valuable in the coming months…..hint, hint…..Christmas. If you’re looking to buy the actual Pokemon game “Pokemon Battle Academy” or you’re looking for more trainer boxes or booster boxes, PLEASE check the links below……..

Price: $24.99, Item Number: 1427693

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